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Artfire was launched in late summer 2008 and is currently operating on a monthly subscription fee in exchange for a customizable shop and unlimited listings.

  • It’s a site created to help artisans sell their crafts online, as well as offer a place to sell design/media products, supplies, and vintage items.

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    Opening an Account

    Pro Accounts:  Starting at $12.95/month, with unlimited listings, etsy importer, multiple quantity listings, widgets, site statistics, social media tools, fully interactive with community, join guilds, councils, and get a profile with a photo, run sales, vacation mode, and accept multiple payment platforms.
  • What's interesting about is that they are a mix of online selling venues such as Etsy or Ebay, and a website. So with a pro account, you are able to control your entire brand, link to your blog, have a store, and interact with other sellers and customers in ways that you can't do with ebay or etsy. Also, there's no transaction or listing fee, it's just the flat monthly fee that you pay and that's it.

    Guild creation is also possible with Pro accounts, and there is a lively forum for the exchange of ideas and finding help.  Another interesting feature is the “Forge” section, where people can ask for things to be made and then either offer a price or have people bid on the listing. It's a unique concept and could possibly lead to increased exposure to your site, or create new collaborative opportunities.

    And for those of you interested in Social Media Marketing, one of their strongest apps is the Facebook Kiosk. Here you can plug your store into facebook, for your friends, family, and fans to see. You do have to be a verified (pro account) member to use this feature, but it seems to be a great deal in addition to having a site hosted by

    You can also plug your store interface into your website, but this technology is flash based, and flash is starting to be phased out and doesn't really work on mobile devices, so it will be interesting to see how they change this component.

    As this site continues to grow, the company plans on doing extensive marketing to promote the site, making this venue one of the most exciting places to sell your crafts online!

    Please visit the site for full details of all their features.

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