Arts and Craft Festivals Fees Guide

  • An informative guide to arts and craft festivals fees and commissions

    Here are some explanations of fee structures charged at art and craft shows.

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  • Arts and Craft Festivals Fee Structures

    • FLAT:  A one time fee with no additional charges or commissions on your gross sales.
    • FLAT + COMMISSION:  A flat fee to exhibit at a craft show AND a cut of your total gross (usually 10% but more if it is part of a charity fundraiser such as school fairs or church fairs).  The flat fee is paid in advance, and the commission is collected in one of two ways:
      1. HONOR SYSTEM:  You are trusted by the craft fair promoter to calculate your gross sales at the end of the craft show and hand over a check for the agreed upon commission (usually 10%) before you leave.
        Don't get greedy on this as experienced promoters have a pretty good idea of how much to expect from each craft category. Plus, if you don't perform well at their shows, or you don't pay your full 10%, you may be dropped from their next season, since you aren't making them any money.
        I've known crafters who pay out at least $300 to the promoter even though they didn't make that much in weekend sales, just to stay in the good graces of the show promoter.

      2. CENTRAL CASHIER:  You write out an invoice for each customer who then goes and pays the central cashier.  The customer comes back with a verified receipt and picks up their jewelry.  At the end of the day, you get a check from the organization for sales at the craft show, minus the flat fee and commission.
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