Bracelet Display

  • The bracelet display doesn’t always have to be a boring T-Bar.

    There are bracelet ramps you can buy, and of course there are displays you can make.

    There are bracelet ramps you can buy, and of course there are displays you can make.

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  • T-Bar displays

    In the shape of a T, these are the most basic and simplest way of displaying a group of bracelets.

    They are usually made out of wood and cardboard and can be covered in velvet, faux leather, or fabric.

    Be careful with how many you load up though, T Bar displays can get quite top heavy. One thing you can do is clamp it to your table using either a C-clamp or metal clamps from the hardware store.

  • Bracelet Ramps

    These are basically pads with one raised end, or they are curved like the spans of bridges. You can easily make these yourself using ½ inch thick foamcore covered with your choice of materials. To make one end higher, you can just put a smaller piece of foamcore under one end. The advantage of using foam is that you can use jewelry pins to secure your bracelet in your display. Note:  if you do use pins, make sure the covering material is some sort of fabric so the pinholes don’t show up as much.

  • Other Types of Bracelet Display

    Try looking at everyday objects for display ideas. I once did a display in my craft show booth using bundles of bamboo to showcase a variety of cuff bracelets. Since the bamboo I got was small in diameter, I tied them in bunches so that they were the perfect size for these cuff bracelets to be displayed on.

    Other things you may use are branches, vintage desert plates, and long slender vases. A nice touch would be to put a big leaf or a single large flower such as a peony into the vase as part of the display. Also, think of ways you can pair your bracelet designs up with other pieces from your collection such as necklaces and earrings. If you have mini collections, try grouping the sets together, you may be able to increase your sales that way!

More Display Ideas

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