Jewelry Business Names Ideas

Having a hard time coming up with business names ideas?

Here’s some reasons why choosing a company name may not be as hard as you think.

Let me tell you a story about how I came up with my company name, and why you should consider using your own name for your company.

  • “Had I known that picking too unique of a name would cause all sorts of pronunciation problems, spelling errors, and confusion, I would have just stuck with my own name for business purposes."   ~Oran

  • I was born on the anniversary of Buddha’s birthday, and on that same day, Picasso passed away. It always seemed strange to me that these two events occurred on the day I was born, and when it came time for me to choose a company name, I had this brilliant idea:

    Why not combine the two names for the name of my company?; Thus, Buddhacasso came into existence. Cool right?

    Well, as I continued running my company with this name, a few issues came up that, had I known about these potential problems, I would have stuck to my own name for the company.

    • No one could pronounce the name. I thought it was fairly obvious that the name was the combination of Buddha and Picasso. But hardly anyone got that idea. And so, the name was constantly being butchered: buddah-cass-o, etc.

    • No one could spell the name, since no one could pronounce it, and no one had a frame of reference as to where the name came from, it was always misspelled: on checks, packages sent in by vendors, even my bank misspelled it on my company checks.

    • And depending on your native tongue, my chosen name was pronounced differently. I heard some Italians say my company name once and it was really fascinating….
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  • So what ended up happening was that customers ended up knowing me by my name, and referenced my jewelry by my name.  It got to the point that customers would call me and ask why there was a charge for buddah-cass-o on their credit card, and I would have to call them back and say it was me, and that was my company name. It was ridiculous!

    Branding and Business Names Ideas

    Remember in the jewelry branding section where we started to think about how to brand jewelry through the artisan?  I think the most effective company name for designers is using some version of your name.  Jewels by Erica Blane, John Hagen Gioiello.  Simple, and to the point.

    Of course, you are free to choose whatever name that you wish, just keep in mind my disaster of a story when choosing a name!

Fictitious Business Name Filings

If you do choose to go with a made up name, or a name that doesn’t involve your personal name in the company name, you may have to file a fictitious company name declaration.  Different counties and states have different rules, so check with local officials for the proper procedure.

You basically have to fill out paper work declaring your fictitious business name, or DBA:  doing business as.  You do a search in the state to make sure no one else is using the name, and then you have to publish this declaration in a publication for a certain number of days, after which, your name will be official.

Good Luck! And remember:  simple and to the point….

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