Coin Pearl Necklace

Nuclear Yet Organic Baroque Pearl Necklace

  • Make this amazing pearl necklace with our easy instructions! Get out your jewelry making tools and join us in this quick tutorial. Simple techniques from the making bead jewelry page will be used.

    Using Colored Pearls in Necklaces

    I'll admit, colored pearls can be intoxicating!

    The only problem I have about using colored pearls is that the dyeing process is not permanent, and eventually the color will fade away.

    Having said that, there are some things you can do to maintain the color longer:

    • When not wearing your colored coin pearl necklace, store it in a dark drawer.
    • Don't shower with your necklace on, and don't ever swim with them on either.
    • Avoid excessively sweating while wearing them.
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  • Dyed Pearl Care

    Good quality dyed coin pearls won't bleed out dye with normal wearing, but I've seen some really cheap pearls lose their color rather quickly from just exposure to daylight or getting soaked.

    Black pearls, however, are probably more light fast if they are irradiated. They say the irradiation process leaves no residue, so it should be safe for wearing.

    If you know that the coin pearls you are using in jewelry making are dyed, you have the responsibility to inform your customers that they are treated.

    The majority of customers are already aware of this fact, but it is good business policy to disclose this information to your customers.

  • Coin Pearl Necklace Making Ideas

    This particular strand of coin pearls struck me as the colors were predominately burgundy with flashes of red, russet, orange, copper, and a little gold. They looked so delicious!

    I really wanted to make my dollars stretch with one strand, as I wanted to be able to make a longer 20" inch coin pearl necklace and also have a few leftover coin pearls for making earrings.

    The solution was to use jasper chips as spacers in the coin pearl necklace.

    The chips have an uneven texture that complemented the baroque coin pearls nicely, and blended nicely, color wise, with the coin pearls.

Pearl Jewelry Making Supplies

  • The coin pearl jewelry making materials used in this necklace are:

    • 3/4 strand Baroque coin pearls: $18.00
    • 4 inches jasper chips: $.40
    • 2 3mm 14K gold filled balls: $1.00
    • 2 8mm 22K vermeil bead caps: $4.00
    • 1 S hook clasp in 22K vermeil: $8.00

    You will be needing a crimping tool and chain nose pliers for making this coin pearl necklace.

    Tools for making this pearl necklace: chain nosed pliers, and crimping tool.

Making the Baroque Coin Pearl Necklace

  • Coin Pearl Necklace 1

    Sorting the Strand

    Separate the Baroque coin pearls into various degrees of irregularity.

    We want to showcase the most irregular pearls first, and move to more evenly formed pieces toward the back of the necklace.

  • Coin Pearl Necklace 2

    Begin Stringing Your Pearls

    Start at the center of the necklace and work your way out, alternating each coin pearl with a jasper chip.

  • Coin Pearl Necklace 3

    Finishing your Coin Pearl Necklace

    Before you secure your S hook clasp with crimps, make sure you lay out your necklace in a circular pattern first, so that everything has room to move on the strand when worn.

    Jewelry Business Profits

  • Making pearl jewelry is fun, isn't it? OK, lets take a look at figuring out prices for handmade jewelry.

    It's a two step process: wholesale price, THEN retail price.

    Cost of Materials

    Total cost of jewelry making materials: $31.40

    Build Time

    8 minutes @ $1,00 per minute = $8.00

    Total Labor: $8.00

    Profit for this necklace will be set at $6.00. No charge will be made for emotional distress fee or genius pay.

    Wholesale Pricing Formula

    Using the wholesale pricing formula:

    1.15 X (Materials + Build Time + EDF + GP) + Profit  

    Wholesale Price =1.15 X ($31.40 + $8.00 + 0 + 0) + $6.00

    I'm setting the profit for making this beaded necklace at $6.00.

    Wholesale price =$39.40 + $6.oo = $45.40

    Rounding the price down, our wholesale price is $45.00

  • Retail Pricing Formula

    retail prices will vary from retailer to retail, but the minimum price range for this coin pearl necklace would be: $99-$112.00

    On the higher end: $180-$225.00

    Adjusting the Retail Price

    To make your retail price point more appealing to your local market, try the following ideas:

    • Use a less expensive clasp, such as a 14K gold filled version, or a gold toned pewter version.
    • Use the coin pearls for only half the necklace, and finish out the back with cheaper beads such as more jasper chips, or smooth flat oval jasper beads.
    • String only half the necklace and finish the rest off with a ribbon for a ribbon tie necklace, or a piece of suede.

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