Tips for Craft Show Displays

  • The craft show displays section is about getting the most out of the basic layout of your jewelry booths when selling at craft fairs and art festivals.

    We’ll discuss the use of craft show tents, table and chair heights, space planning tips, and jewelry booth signs.

  • Craft Show Tents

    If you are about to purchase a 10 X 10 craft show tent, please buy a white one.

    I know there are fancier colors and patterns available these days, but the reason you should get white is because it diffuses the sun and creates the most beautiful lighting for your jewelry.

    Another feature you’ll need to look for is a center support system so your roof is stable.

    Removable sides are useful in case you end up next to a distasteful booth, or you find their products competing with or distracting your customers.

    Also make sure you buy the appropriate weights for your craft show tents, and bring a duster for spot cleaning.

The classic white tent is classic for a reason: The white material diffuses sunlight beautifully and enhances the look of your handcrafted goods. It's like selling inside of a perfectly lit photography studio!   ~Oran

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    Table Height

    When selling jewelry, the minimum height of your tables should be 36 inches, which is considered counter height to a maximum of 42 inches, which is considered bar top height. Standard tables are at most 30 inches tall and shouldn’t be used.


    I’ve noticed that in Western culture there is something disarming about bowing, and when your jewelry is displayed on standard height tables, customers have to do a lot of bowing and hunching over, a submissive stance, when browsing your jewelry. In Eastern culture, this stance is fine because bowing is a sign of respect.

    Want proof?

    Go into any major department store, or better yet, a fine jewelry store. The only thing you will find displayed in standard height tables and bins are the bargain basement tchotchkes. The better and best stuff are displayed in glass cases or on displays that are between 36-42 inches in height.

    They make portable tables for craft show displays these days with adjustable table heights, so look out for those the next time you are out shopping.

Craft Show Displays Suggestions

  • Best Craft Show Tent

    Craft show tent with 4 zippered side walls and bonus awning

  • Adjustable Height Tables

    24" X 48" table, adjustable legs from 29", 33", or 36"

    The perfect height for your craft show displays!

  • Best Craft Show Chair

    Best Chair for craft show displays: Earth's tall aluminum director's chair with accessory bag. Lightweight, yet strong.

  • Canopy Weights

    Fill with your choice of sand or gravel, to keep that tent from flying away!

  • Chair Height

    Guess what? The similar rules are at play for chair height as well! At some point, you’ll have to take a break and sit down during a show.  But if you use a standard chair, your eye level and your customers’ eye levels won’t match.

    It’s better to sit in a higher seated chair such as a director’s chair because when you are seated, your eye level and eye contact places you and your customers as equals. This creates a friendly conversational situation which is conducive to sales, as opposed to having customers “talk down” to you when you sit in a normal chair.

    A company by the name of "Earth" makes the best lightweight aluminum framed Earth Heavy Duty VIP Tall Aluminum Director's Chair that I used for years. It comes with an accessory side pouch, which is a handy place to keep clip boards for credit card signatures, gift bags, and a water bottle.

  • Space Planning

    When planning your craft show tent layout, try to push your display in from the entrance a few feet.

    This effectively creates a place for customers to engage with your display, and could offer them some relief from the hot sun.

    The best use of booth space is either to push your tables about 4 feet in from the opening, or create a u shaped layout like I did in the picture above.

    By doing so you create a spacious looking booth when its empty, and it only takes 3 or 4 customers to make it look like it’s crowded and the place to be…which creates even more interest from passerby.

  • Jewelry Booth Signs

    Often a missed display opportunity, you should consider using large prints of your jewelry designs on the ends of your side walls near the opening.

    At most craft shows, people put up walls, so it can be hard for customers to see what is coming up.

    But if you have say a 16 X 20 photograph on either side, your customers will see your work as they are walking down the aisle.

    A simple banner about 1' X 6' hung right in front is also a great way to announce your company to potential customers. Have your business name prominently displayed, and perhaps your logo.

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