Craft Show Jewelry Display Tips

Easy craft show display tips for the upcoming season. Here is a collection of simple things you can do to make your craft booth look its best.

  • Do a Dry Run

    If this is your first show, or you have changed your craft show jewelry display drastically, you may consider doing a dry run of your craft show jewelry display. You can do this with or without your craft show tent, although if you are using one, it would be a good idea to set it up so you see how much space you are dealing with.

    This will allow you to experiment with table layout, individual necklace, bracelet, and earring layouts, color balance, and give you an idea of what potential customers see as they are walking down the aisle.

    You should also play with different configurations of your chosen display items. Sometimes what you think you need, and what it actually looks like in a tent or a small table are two completely different things! Better to figure it out before the show than be left in a panic the morning of.

Try to do at least one dry run of your basic set up so you can evaluate what display items are working, what display items you may need, and if your display is color coordinated and not distracting from your work.   ~Oran

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    Plan Your Selling Layout

    In the picture, I have my main craft show jewelry display laid out as follows: the production, quick gift items are at the front. These are items that are inexpensive and sell quickly. In the middle, are items ranging from $32-$85. And in the cases are items that are in the $85+ club.

    Notice that the higher end items are displayed at eye level.

    The main display area, featuring mid level prices, are divided into mini collections using stackable trays. This allows me to have more than 1 level of display, and my loyal customers knew that there were more goodies to be had by shuffling the trays around. It also makes it handy for customers to be able to pick up a collection for closer inspection, and for consult with me or with their friends.

Craft Show Jewerly Display Suggestions

  • Best Craft Show Tent

    Craft show tent with 4 zippered side walls and bonus awning

  • Adjustable Height Tables

    24" X 48" table, adjustable legs from 29", 33", or 36"

    The perfect height for your craft show displays!

  • Best Craft Show Chair

    Best Chair for craft show displays: Earth's tall aluminum director's chair with accessory bag. Lightweight, yet strong.

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  • Polish and Clean

    All your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets should be clean and all metal parts should be polished, unless part of your design aesthetic involves tarnished metals.

    Also, dust off and wipe down all your display trays, display cases, tables, chairs, etc.

    Try to do as much of this before the show, though you will be doing some cleaning during the show as well.

  • Price Tags and Hangtags

    Prep these in advance to avoid a stressful pre show.

    If your hangtags are bulky, it may be best to put them on the morning of the show.

    Price tags are small enough that they can be placed before the show.

  • Quantity vs. Quality

    At some shows, you will do better having a ton of stuff in your jewelry booth.

    And, perhaps ironically, at some shows you will do better if you have a very tightly curated selection of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

    Try to have some sort of plan for both scenarios, so you have the flexibility to change gears if need be.

  • Take Pictures

    As you experiment with the layout of your booth, take pictures of each different craft show jewelry display so that you can later compare and make additional changes if need be. And as long as you have everything up, you might as well take a few new booth shots for next season as well. Usually you will be so busy at a show that you forget to take a booth shot.

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