Craft Show Tips for Jewelry Designers

  • Craft show tips for handmade jewelry designers.

    Here are some things to consider before heading out to sell jewelry at craft shows.

  • craft show tips
  • Craft Show Tips

    • If possible, go to the event site and locate where your craft show booth will be.  If spaces aren’t assigned until you arrive, just notate the streets that will be closed off, making sure you write down which streets are one way, and good places to park your car, if it isn’t designated by the craft show promoter.

    • Pre pack your craft show displays in an orderly fashion.  One handy item to use are those large clear plastic boxes with the flip over lids.  You can easily see what is in them, and once you unload, they stack and can be shoved away neatly in your car.

    • Jewelry should be packed in a traveling jewelry case, either fabric or metal.  These cases are handy in that they allow you to stack several trays of jewelry into one carrying case.  You may need several as to not make one bag to too heavy to carry.

    • Personal Hygiene:  Get at least 8 hours of sleep the night before selling at craft shows; staying up all night making extra jewelry will make you frazzled and grumpy the next day and hurt your sales!  Wear comfortable shoes.  Shower and groom yourself appropriately, and make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.  Don’t forget the deodorant!  Nothing like BO to kill all chances of a sale.
  • Packing List Craft Show Tips:

    Aside from bringing your jewelry and display items, here’s a list of must have items:

    • Water, food, and snacks in a cooler.
    • Painkillers. 
    • Lip balm.
    • Small first aid kit.
    • Sunblock.
    • Jewelry price tags.
    • If you are using craft show tents, don’t forget your weights!
    • A Chair.
    • Office supplies:  pens, sharpies, binder clips, tape.
    • Receipt book
    • Mailing list sign-up book.
    • Business cards and/or promotional postcards
    • Gift Boxes and Bags
    • Lookbooks
    • Air freshener, in case your craft show booth smells a little musty.
    • Copies of business license, resale certificate, and proof of insurance for the event.
    • Confirmation and space assignment papers from the promoter.
    • A small fresh flower arrangement and a vase.  It’s not necessary, but a nice touch.  Trust me.
    • Smile.  A lot.

More Craft Show Tips:

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  • Best Craft Show Canopy

    Craft show canopy kit includes four zippered side walls and bonus awning. Free Shipping!

  • Adjustable Height Tables

    24" X 48" table, adjustable legs from 29", 33", or 36"

    Adjustable table for all your craft display needs.

  • Black Table Linen Cloth

    If you use long tables or are doing indoor shows, these black table linens are really handy.

  • Canopy Weights

    Fill with your choice of sand or gravel, helps to keep your canopy stable!

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