Creative Business Cards for Jewelry Designers

  • Graphically based creative business cards can be abstract in design, relying on pattern, shapes, colors, and text to convey your jewelry company’s brand image. They can also feature your jewelry company’s logo.

  • Showcase Your Work

    Here’s an example of a card I have used for many years.

    I tend to gravitate toward minimalism (largely due to the fact that chaos reigns in my brain lol), so I came up with this design to reflect a clean, at peace image for my home business:

  • Using Creative Business Cards for Market Testing

    Eventually I had the (brilliant, if you ask me) idea to print my cards in different colors, as part of my jewelry market testing adventures. Every few months I would come up with a new set of cards in different colorways.

    I watched carefully what types of customers picked which colors and used that information to select new color designs and packaging materials.

    For this type of card, you may require the assistance of a graphic designer if you aren't familiar with laying out designs in programs such as photoshop, indesign, or illustrator. There are other, less expensive programs you can use as well, such as corel draw (which is what I used for my card above).

    For poopybird's card, I used photoshop, and downloaded some royalty free graphics from 123rf. They specialize in affordable graphics and stock images that can help you create some really creative graphics.

    Of course, you may also want to try bartering your designs for the services of a professional graphic designer.

    Another thing you should keep in mind is the DPI requirements of your printer. This may vary depending on the printing company that you choose, so make sure the graphics you create meets or exceeds your chosen vendor's requirements.

    One good vendor that helps walk you through this process is

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