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DaWanda is the perfect place for you if you are interested in selling jewelry to a European Crowd. The company describes the website as “the place for unique and individual products and people.”

  • They encourage an active interaction between customers and indie crafters in the exchange of handcrafted items and services, and to also share your finds with your friends. They also let you create collections of goods that you admire.

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    Cover of DaWanda's Winter 2012 Look Book.

  • The site opened its doors in 2006 in Germany, and a little bit later opened up their online Artisan marketplace to France, and the US.

    Currently, the site is available in 7 different languages. Shops here feature handmade products or customized and tailor made items. The main categories are:  fashion, accessories, bags, jewelry, men, baby, children, home, supplies, celebrations, and vintage.

    One unique feature about DaWanda is their "special collections" section. They put together collections of items revolving around a theme, such as "knit-tastic," which features all sorts of hand made necklaces, bags, clothing, and household goods that are knitted. Other sections have included "star signs" which is a rotating set of handcrafted goods based on the current zodiac sign, and "DaWonderland," featuring clothing for "closeted fairies and princesses."

    They do a really outstanding job of highlighting the creativity of their sellers!


    Currently there is no cost to set up shop here and a 5% commission charge on the items you successfully sell.

    As this company is based in Europe, there is a noticeably different take on aesthetics, which may be great for those of you who have more of a European edge in your handcrafted designs. Oh, and make sure you get your craft's spelling right! In Europe, it is spelled “JEWELLERY” so you may think about spelling it that way.

    You have the option of doing just an english language based listing, or you can list in any of the other 6 language sites, as long as you have the translations to input for those sites. You'll also have to adjust your shipping and terms when listing on the other language sites.

  • DaWanda Traffic Stats

    The site currently has an international roster of over 220,000 designers, and receives 13 million visitors per month who visit over 190 million pages!

    A piece of clothing is sold every minute, an accessory every 30 seconds, and an item of jewelry every 20 seconds.

    That is surely some encouraging news for you, so check out the site, and see if it's the right fit for your home business!

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