Portable Display Cases for Jewelry

Portable display cases for jewelry can add a touch of exclusivity to your handmade jewelry designs. Make sure you pay attention to the height at which you place display cases for jewelry, as this can affect the perceived value of your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

  • For tips on display heights, visit the craft show display tips page.

    Here’s an overview of the different types of display cases:

  • portable-jewelry-display-case
    Glass cubes used as a portable display case.
  • Acrylic Jewelry Display Cases

    These display cases are pretty common and relatively inexpensive. They are also pretty portable, although they tend to lack the ability to be disassembled. So if you are in the market for one of these, make sure you choose a size that can be easily transported.

    One drawback with acrylic jewelry display cases is that they scratch and crack really easily.

    To prevent scratches, just wrap them with an old blanket when you transport them, and try not to set anything on top of them so there’s no friction.

    They can be cleaned with a specialty acrylic cleaning fluid and a soft lint free cloth.

  • Panel Assembled Jewelry Cases

    These come in two price ranges:  low and high end.

    For the low end, you should consider glass cubes. Basically, you buy 12 X 12 or 12 X 16 sheets of glass, various metal connectors and you can put together a decent looking display case in a few minutes.

    The advantages to glass cube display cases is cost, and the fact that if you break a panel, you can easily just replace one thing. The disadvantage is that they are a pain to assemble and transport.

    I had an old hard suitcase I used to transport the glass panels, separated each panel with quarter inch foam for transportation. Assembly takes less than ten minutes, but can seem like hours when you’re tired!

    For the higher end portable jewelry display case, you should expect to pay at least $400. These high end cases are the ones used at trade shows and high end craft shows. They are usually tempered glass panels with thin aluminum frames that assemble quickly into professional looking cases. Although quite an investment, these things will last for years and will make your jewelry look like a million bucks.

  • Portable Jewelry Display Cases

    These table top models are no frills and budget friendly.

    They don't look as great as the other display cases, but they do a nice job of adding a layer of protection to your work.

    These display cases usually feature a shallow wooden or metal box where your jewelry is displayed, the top is a frame with either a glass or acrylic panel so you can see through it. You can also lock most of these models.

    Some jewelry designers prop them open with a stick on the opposite side of the hinges, and some models have special levers that do that for you.

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