Earring Display Cards

Earring display cards are used to display your earrings, either on an earring rack, or as stand alone displays in standard jewelry trays.

  • Premade Earring Display Cards

    They can be purchased premade in paper, plastic, or flocked styles in sizes ranging from 1” X 1” to 2” X 3” from any craft supplier, and feature a groove on the back for hanging on earring racks.

    Premade earring cards are convenient, inexpensive, and readily available.

    Some styles even preprint their earring cards with phrases such as “Handmade,” “Sterling Silver” or “14k Gold.” Premade earring cards are best when you don’t have the time to make your own or have them printed, and when you want a uniform, simple looking display for your earrings.

Earring Card Ideas

  • earring display cards

    Earring Display Trays

    Earring Display trays are available as inserts for standard stacking jewelry display trays or stand alone units. The tray inserts will either have pre drilled holes or earring pads that you can fill your insert with.

    Stacking display trays are great for quick set ups and can save you a lot of precious time prepping your craft show booth.

    They are especially great for post earrings, you should test to make sure that your tray inserts have enough clearance for hook style earrings.

  • Making Earring Cards from Business Cards

    While you are shopping for business card printers, you may also consider having jewelry business cards made for the purpose of converting them to earring cards.

    Just keep the design simple, put your business name on the top and leave a lot of blank space to feature your earrings.

    It may be a good idea to take some business cards you already have and experiment with hole placement before you order custom made business cards.That way you will know for sure if your earrings will fit.

    You can actually buy the plastic grooves to stick on the back of your handmade cards, easily converting any piece of paper into an earring card.

    All you have to do is punch two holes for the earring to go through, using a 1/16” punch or push pins!

    Just make sure you have something like foam or cardboard underneath when using push pins to make holes.

    Now you're ready to hang them on an earring rack!

  • DIY Earring Cards

    Those of you who are really into customizing your jewelry packaging and presentation should consider investing in a jewelry hole punch.

    The punch is rather pricey for a hole punch, but considering the amount of money you would eventually save over buying commercially produced cards, and the fact that you can create a look specifically tailored for your brand, it's an investment worth making.

    This punch creates holes and tabs for displaying hook, post, and leverback style earrings. All you need are stick on tabs to finish your cards and they are ready for display on your choice of earring racks or whatever else you can come up with!

    Domino Tray Display

    One last thing to consider: domino display trays, particularly the heavier wooden ones, may be useful for displaying your DIY earring display cards, though care should be taken in windy locations.

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