EBAY Jewelry Selling

Ebay jewelry selling is the only option for online auction style jewelry sales. Founded in 1995, they are the oldest and biggest auction site with a daily visitor count of over 12,000,000.

  • That being said it can be very easy to get lost on eBay. The chances of someone finding your auction or store item are slim unless the buyer enters a search term that matches your title and/or description.

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  • Ebay Jewelry Selling Tips:

    • Choosing your title is priority number one. Try to use keywords that you think buyers would use in searching for your item. Buyers use eBay search to find you on specific keywords. They generally do not have the time to look at each of the 343,000 auctions using the title keyword “necklace.” So they will search for ebay for what they really want, using specific key words like “amazonite necklace” which gives you less than 200 matches, and a more reasonable browsing experience.

    • Write a description that not only tells potential ebay customers about what the item is (a necklace, 16”, sterling silver findings) but remember to sell on benefits: what makes it special as well (artisan silver jewelry, south sea pearls, meaning of gemstones used in your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, how you designed it, etc).

    • Pick your category wisely. Listing in “Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry > Necklaces and Pendants” will probably get you seen more than listing in “Ebay Motors > Parts and Accessories > Car and Truck Parts.”

    • Fill out your item description as accurately as possible. There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than inaccurate descriptions of sizes, materials, color, length, and metals used.

    • Be clear on payment types and the timeframe in which you need to receive payment.

    • Be clear on shipping costs and fees.

    • State your refund policy clearly.

    • Ship promptly with a trackable carrier, AFTER payment has cleared.
  • How to Sell on eBay?

    You have two choices when eBay jewelry selling: auction style, or store style. With auctions, there is a listing fee based on your opening price, and a closing fee which is a percentage of your closing sale amount. With an eBay store, there is a monthly store fee, a smaller listing fee for items, and a percentage fee based on the successful sale of your item. Marketing upgrades such as premier featured items or highlighting listings can be bought to enhance the presentation of your item.

    Every thing that you need to start as an eBay merchant is available at eBay.com, complete with easy tutorials

    Make sure your photographs stand out, showing your handmade crafts from different angles, details, and colorways.

    The customers at eBay tend to be price driven, and because of the number of sellers on this site, competition can be fierce amongst eBay Jewelry Sellers!

  • Pricing Tips

    If you are selling using the ebay store option, make sure your pricing is at a competitive retail level. That means if a store were to find you while considering your work for their shop, your retail pricing should be 2.2-2.5 times your wholesale price.

    If you are doing this auction style, make sure you start somewhere above your wholesale price, that way you won't lose money if the item sells.

    An important thing to consider while setting a starting price is to keep in mind all the fees you have to pay: listing fee, closing fee percentage, paypal fees, shipping and packaging costs, and labor to process the order.

    If you are going to offer free shipping, make sure all the costs associated with shipping (packaging, and labor to process) are included in the opening bid price.

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