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  • Join Etsy sellers and sell your handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings online!

    Etsy was founded in 2005 in Brooklyn, New York (yay Brooklyn!), and has become the “Big Daddy” of Indie Craft selling sites, featuring handmade items, supplies, and vintage stuff.

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    Inside Etsy Headquarters in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Selling Interface

    The interface is very well laid out and features a rotating selection of user-curated collections on the homepage.

    Items are sorted by category, but due to the sheer volume of items being listed, the easiest way to find things is to use the search feature.

    sell jewelry on etsy
    The clean layouts are great for selling jewelry on etsy.

    It is also possible to find things by color, geographical location, items just listed, or items just sold.

  • Etsy Sellers Community

    The most exciting thing about is the sense of community that has developed, not only amongst sellers, but between fans of handmade and crafters as well.

    There are plenty of opportunities waiting for crafters at Etsy, such as joining “street teams,” which are groups of Etsy sellers organized by craft, thoughts, location, medium, etc. or participating in the lively forum.

    Tips for Selling Etsy Jewelry

    • Make sure you have great jewelry pictures. This is one venue where good enough really isn’t.  Take a look at the opening page and you will see why.  Don’t fret if you don’t know how to take jewelry photographs, visit the photography section for more information and advice!

    • Pick your name wisely. You want to stand out, but don’t want it to be so obscure like “xXx*Artisan*Jewelry*by*Analisa*xXx.”  Sure it stands out graphically, but who the hell wants to TYPE that out in emails to friends or in a browser?

    • Get a banner made for your shop. If you don’t know how, there are plenty of Etsy Sellers that will help you for a reasonable fee.

    • Take advantage of the profile page. I see too many shops not taking advantage of this feature and it boggles my mind. Like I said in the branding section, people who buy handmade want to know about you as a person and artisan. They don’t just want to buy earrings…they can do that at Macy’s for $2.99. The profile page is actually a pretty great place to put your artist statement.

    • Etsy store announcements:  It’s a good idea to have store policies. But placing it on the opening page of your store announcements is really distracting. There are so many etsy sellers that feature epic volumes of text on their etsy store page before you can even get to any jewelry pictures! Talk about giving people a reason to leave. Tip:  place your store policies after your artist statement in your profile page.

    • Spend time writing your descriptions.  Your first paragraph should be selling on benefits. Save the technical stuff for last, such as measurements, etc.  And some advice on geeky details such as bead measurement sizes:  “featuring 8mm peacock freshwater pearls paired with 3mm Swarovski crystals…” save it for the last paragraph.


    Etsy has no monthly or setup fees, and each listing costs a mere $.20 each, running for 120 days.

    Once an item sells, you pay a 3.5% commission to Etsy.

    There are also fees for using paypal or the inhouse etsy payments option.

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