Facebook Pages Landing Page

Create a Facebook pages landing page for your Facebook business page with this easy tutorial. You'll have a new way to welcome and encourage new visitors to hit your "Like" button in just a few minutes!

All you need to get started with this project is a picture hosted on your website. The maximum width is 520 pixels, but the image can be as long as you want.

Information to include in your image:

  • Encourage your new visitors to join your Facebook fanpage by clicking the "Like" button.
  • Use one really big image to show them what you can do. Now is a good time to highlight one of your high end pieces!
  • List a few quick benefits of joining your fanpage such as: design updates, keeping in touch, interactive gallery, craft show listings, newsletter sign up, galleries, etc.
facebook pages landing page

Facebook Landing Page Instructions

login facebook business page Login to your facebook account as the administrator.

Go to your wall, and just below your facebook business title, click on "Edit Info."

facebook edit profile pageFacebook Edit Profile Page

From the Facebook Edit Profile page, go to the left navigation bar and click on "Apps."

facebook fbmlAdd FBML App

After you add the app, click on "go to App."

edit FBML pageEdit FBML

In the Box Title field, enter "Welcome!"In the FBML field, enter the source of your welcome image: for our fanpage, the source code we used was:<img src="">

facebook default landing tabMake them Like You

From your fanpage's wall, click on "Edit Info." Then click on "Manage Permissions."

Go to "Default Landing Tab" and choose your Welcome page as the default.

Congratulations, your facebook business pages landing page is all set!

Creating Incentives for Visitors

You can add as many extra FBML that you need. For instance, we have one especially for newsletter sign ups.

I've also seen people create free downloads for people for discount coupons for first orders using an extra FBML, which you can only access once you like a page.

Be creative and try different things, one tab can be for newsletter sign ups, one can be for your current craft show schedule, and one could be a widget from your Etsy or Artfire store.

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