Wholesale Fine Craft Shows

Fine craft shows are very competitive to get into, as they represent the best craftspeople from around the world who are then presented to some of the most successful fine craft, boutique, and museum stores from around the world.

  • When applying to these shows, make sure that all your photography and booth shots are of very professional quality.  This is the time to consider hiring a professional jewelry photographer.

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    Buyers browsing booths at the ACRE Orlando Show
  • Top Wholesale Fine Craft Shows

    Do visit each of these promoters’ websites and browse the galleries to get an idea of the competition you may be facing!  And if you can, visit and walk the show.  These shows will usually grant visitor passes for those that are interested in exhibiting in the future.

    Buyer’s Market of American Craft

    Better known as BMAC, the Buyer’s Market of American Craft, is held twice a year. The Winter show in Philadelphia is held in February and is the largest fine craft shows of the two.

    The smaller show in August is held in Baltimore, Maryland.

    The jewelry division is divided into the follow four categories: fine, fashion, art and gemstone.

    BMAC also has a “visiting artists” program for those that are interested in exhibiting there in the future.

    American Craft Council

    Also known as ACC, the American Craft Council runs 8 shows per year in six cities across the country:  Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA; St. Paul, MN; San Francisco, CA.  Only the Baltimore show is a mix of wholesale/retail, the rest are retail, with paid admission.

    Like BMAC, you may inquire about visiting the show as a possible new exhibitor/new artist.

    American Craft Retailers Expo

    ACRE, or American Craft Retailers Expo, occurs just before summer each year in Las Vegas.  The show was recently started in 2007 to complete wholesalecrafts.com’s marketing package for their artisans, and offers a chance for their buyers to meet face to face with the artisans that have been supplying their stores for years.  This is one of the strongest emerging craft shows in the US. The show is juried by a panel of store owners and experienced craftspeople from the site.  They currently accept handmade crafts from the US and Canada.

    Since launching ACRE Las Vegas, they've opened up markets in Orlando, Florida in January and Edison, NJ in August as well.

    You should also note that the booth fee includes a one year subscription to the wholesalecrafts.com online showroom.

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