Handcrafted Jewelry Websites

Handcrafted jewelry websites need 5 basic sections to make successful online representations of your jewelry brand.

1. Landing Page

Your landing page, or your index.html page, is the first page your visitors see when visiting your webpage.  Ideally, you should wow visitors with a large, photograph of one of your best pieces, followed by your artist statement

Use that large picture to instill in your visitor’s minds that many creative things make their way from your heart to your brain, and is translated into the physical with your hands.  Let the image convey that you have that magical artist gift that they want.

Follow up that image with a short welcome, and lead directly into your artist statement.  Let your visitors know about how you came to jewelry making as an expression of your artistic gifts.  Tell them about your design philosophies, and let them know about some things that inspire you and how those inspirations find their way into your work.

Now that you have them hooked, send them into your portfolio pages

2. Jewelry Portfolio

Your portfolio pages can be subdivided into several sections:  necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings, anklets, toe rings, etc.  Divide your sections in a manner that makes sense to your business, moving your best selling designs to the front of each section.

If you decide to sell on your handcrafted website with an integrated shopping cart program, you can set that up right in your portfolio pages.

I must say, however, that if you are just starting out, it may be more economical to set up your own store on Artfire or Zibbet and link out from your portfolio pages than to set up a fully functioning shopping cart and payment system with your handcrafted jewelry websites.

3. Studio

People who shop handmade are interested in the fact that you make what you sell in small quantities, to a small number of people. 

Capitalize on that feeling of intimacy by inviting your visitors into your design studio and sharing with them some of the design process and pictures of your craftsmanship at work.

This can be accomplished by writing a number of articles that lead out from your studio page.  But I think the best way for a studio page to work is to use blogs!

Blogs are perfect for journaling the jewelry making process as you can post over the course of a week the various projects you are working on, and your customers can interact with you as you make those posts.

This is actually how many designers use blogs, as a way to create a connection between customers and the artist doing their daily work.  It gives your customers a chance to become truly invested in your process, ask questions, and share in the joys of each completed project.

You can also, through the use of several available apps, hook up your blog’s RSS feeds directly into your Facebook business page so you don’t have to post about your work twice.

4. Wholesale Information

If you are selling wholesale handmade jewelry to stores as well, you should have a page for your wholesale customers, and also provide a list of stores that retail your line.

If you have only a handful of stores, you may just say something like, “For a store near you, please email me with your zip code and I will provide you with the nearest store where you can find my work.”

Depending on your handcrafted website hosting company, you may be able to set up password protected pages here just for your wholesale customers.  Then you can put up catalog pages or have line sheets (see business terminology page) available for download with your wholesale prices listed.

5. Contact Information

Make sure, at the very least, to have an email address where people can contact you for more information.  If you have a dedicated business phone number (not your personal cell phone number), you can include that too. Some handcrafted website hosting providers also give you a way to make forms, so you may look into that if it's available to you.

You can also list your other social media pages here too:  your Facebook business page, twitter account, and blog.


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