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  • Your home based jewelry business will occasionally run into a few setbacks.  Sometimes your favorite supplier is out of a special clasp that you need for a signature necklace of yours.  And they don’t expect another shipment for 2 months.

    Other times you’ll find yourself running around dropping off orders, buying some office supplies, picking up some packages…everything BUT spending time making your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings!

    And then there will be those moments when it all just seems too much: trying to juggle a small business, a personal life, perhaps a family.

    What do you do to manage all the little things that come up and how do you prevent them from becoming big things?

  • Nurturing Creativity

    First let's start with one of my most favorite videos from TED.com.

    This video features Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), speaking on the subject of sustaining creativity.

    It's a really great talk about the nature of creativity and how to best protect it, and yourself from self destructing....

Maintaining Business Sanity

I thought over some things I learned from running my own design company and put together 7 tips to help keep you on track and maintain a sane perspective as your home based jewelry business evolves.    ~Oran

  • Business Toolkit:

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    jewelry making
    selling at craft fair
    selling handmade jewelry online
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