Party Plans for your Destination Home Jewelry Parties


Make Home Parties more profitable by planning Destination Parties at Home!

  • Most major department stores will have a variety of cosmetics companies represented, try approaching some of your favorite ones and asking about if they do combined home parties and what their requirements are for doing these events.

  • Put out feelers to your group of friends and see if any are interested in a few hours of a “Girls’ Night In” event.  Explain to them the concept of Destination Home Parties:  Beauty, Relaxation, and Jewels.  Do make sure that they understand that it is a retail party but try to keep the focus on the fun and relaxation part, and getting a bunch of things done at once:  taking care of themselves, relaxing, chatting with friends, food, drinks, and a bit of shopping.

  • Contact your favorite massage therapist and ask if they do home parties and what the rates are.  Sometimes they will come in at a discount because they know they will gain new customers from this party.

  • In the case of Gina’s party, it was understood that things were being arranged as a convenience for them, so they all split the cost of the massage therapist and tips.  The entire cost of this event doesn’t necessarily have to fall on you and your host.

  • Set a date and have people sign up.  Let them know what the costs might be and what they might have to bring or if you and the hostess will be providing food and drink.

  • On the day of the event, arrive a few hours early to setup your display as well as help with food and beverage prep.

  • During the event, make sure to meet everyone and do your best to keep everyone relaxed and having fun!

  • Do remember to get all the guests on your mailing lists, so you can keep them updated on future events, AND send them a hand written Thank You note.

You should also decide in advance if you will be giving the hostess a cut of your sales or some nice pieces from your collection for her efforts.  I usually show up with at least $100 worth of gift wrapped items which she is free to exchange for something else if it doesn’t suit her taste.  The cosmetics company will usually give the hostess a gift set as well and sometimes a small cut of the sales in the form of gift certificates.

For help on getting people excited to come to your home party, see my article on Home Jewelry Party Invitations.


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