Home Jewelry Party Invitations

A home jewelry party can be great fun and you no doubt have just about everything set up with your Destination Jewelry Party Plans.

What can you do to make your jewelry party stand out even more from other jewelry parties?

Try devoting some care and attention to your jewelry party invitations.

Basic information for Invitations:

  1. Time & Date:  Pick an agreeable time with your host that falls on a day and time period most convenient to your jewelry party guests.  This will depend on whether or not they work, have small children, active social activities, etc.  You and your hostess should know the guests well enough to be able to pick a good time for your jewelry parties.

  2. Get your guests excited about your jewelry party by letting guests know about the concept of Destination Jewelry Parties, and tell them a bit about each vendor. 
    • What company is coming in for the Beauty Component, what are they known for, what will they be demonstrating, and will they be offering any special goodies?  How will guests receive orders from these vendors?

    • Who is in charge of the Wellness Segment?  What is their background, in terms of training and practice?  Do they have a studio?  What treatments will they be offering and will there be specials?

    • And finally, Glamour (that’s you!).  Give a little blurb and maybe links to your website and your ecommerce sites in case some won’t be able to attend.  Will you do custom work?  Are there specials?  Will you offer an incentive for guests that bring guests?

  3. Will there be refreshments?  Wine and cheese?  A high tea?  Samplings from your local neighborhood eateries?  Including a small menu is a nice touch.

  4. RSVP by phone, or email with a cut-off date.  Emphasize the uniqueness of this event and how much you and the hostess put into the event by providing a “wait list” for those that don’t respond in time.  You will, of course, let everyone come, but having a “wait-list” for your home jewelry party tends to make this event more of a priority for your guests.

  5. Friendly reminders:  Your hostess should place personal phone calls to the “wait list” 2 days before the event to let them know there is room for them.  Guests with RSVPs should get a call the day before the event, and finally on the day of the event, send out and email to all your guests with maps and directions in case they forgot to print out the information.

jewelry home party Printing Your Jewelry Home Party Invitations

You should really compare the cost of DIY Invitations and having them professionally done by a printer as the cost may actually surprise you.

The cost of professional printing a full color greeting card is less than $2 per card (minimum of 10).

Compared to buying your own card stock, ink for printing pictures, layout and finally babysitting your printer (how much is your time worth?)

You may want to have invitations for your home jewelry party professionally printed rather than doing it yourself.

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