How to Display Jewelry

The How to Display Jewelry Brainstorming section explores ways to come up with a jewelry display look.

Begin by figuring out what tone you want to set with your jewelry display so that it is an extension of your brand.

Here’s some quick tips on establishing the mood before you figure out how to display your jewelry.

  • It might be easier to think of your jewelry brand as it’s personality and ask yourself what your jewelry would like to be wearing or what kind of environment it would like to live in.

  • Ask yourself what inspires you to craft more jewelry.  Art Deco?  Ren-Faire Junky?  Falling leaves?  Chopin Preludes?  Obsessed with lint?  Francophile?  Hitchcock buff?  Perpetual-Rose-Sniffer?

  • Notice any themes?  Are you a minimalist and just want to display your handmade jewelry in a clean and modern way?  Or are you obsessed with nature and know that your jewelry looks best with natural materials.  Perhaps you are a romantic at heart and your jewelry shows it?

  • Think about what kind of surfaces would make a great background for your jewelry.  Is it hard like stone or concrete?  Shiny or Matte?  Something in between like wood or straw?  Or is it soft, like leather, suede, or fabric?

  • Speaking of fabric, what kinds of fabric would look great with your jewelry?  Is it an outrageous print, or a crisp linen?  Maybe it’s a luxurious Italian silk panne velvet, or sleek yet nubby silk dupioni?  Perhaps you’re more of a natural kinda girl and gravitate towards natural, loosely woven fabrics such as raw silk or burlap?

When deciding on how to display your jewelry, it may be helpful to do a collage of all these images you are pulling up.  You can do it on the computer if you wish, or old-school it and tear up magazines and photographs and glue them to paper base. Reflect on your jewelry brand and your artist statement first before starting.


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