How to Increase Website Traffic On and Offline

  • How to increase website traffic? That is a question that is always asked by artisans when they open online stores. They discover rather quickly that just because a site is popular doesn’t mean anyone will find their store amongst their competitors.

    Getting indexed in Google won’t mean much if you are one of 2,000,000 with online jewelry stores as well.

    An often overlooked way for handcrafted designers to drive traffic to your online stores is through OFFLINE methods.

  • how to increase jewelry website traffic offline
  • How to Increase Website Traffic

    • Wear your jewelry.  And bring business cards whenever you leave the house.  Even when walking the dog.

    • Promote your online shop while you are selling offline at artisan markets, craft shows, and art festivals.  While it’s best to try to close the sale at the event, sometimes it’s better to just hand out business cards to both buying and non buying customers and make sure that your website and your ecommerce site are clearly printed on the cards

    • Try your hand at Social Media Marketing.

    • Include extra business cards in each gift wrapped box of jewelry you assemble.  That way, if the recipient is ever asked about what she is wearing, she can easily refer people to your online store.

    • Make sure you have clear photographs on your sales pages.  Remember that your customers cannot touch, feel, or try on your artisan jewelry.  They just have the pictures for reference.  Nothing kills a potential sale at online stores faster than poorly taken pictures. 

    • Spend time writing something about yourself and the work that you do in the profile section.  It’s a great opportunity to make a personal connection with potential customers.  Your artist statement would make an excellent choice.

    • Use your friends and family as plants, or live models. You can try running a promotion with them by assigning each person a special promotional code on the back (you can handwrite the promo code).  Then offer free shipping on orders over X dollars if new customers use the code.  Keep track of how many sales your models bring in and offer them a treat such as free earrings or a cut of the sales.
    • Take Control of Your Content: While using facebook fan pages, tumblr, and twitter is fine for social media outreach, you need to take FULL CONTROL of your content. That means you need your own jewelry website or blog. You can't count someone else's platform, including selling platforms such as etsy or artfire to have your best interest in mind. Own your own content on your own site that you promote, that way if there are any changes in policies on someone else's platform, it won't affect you as much because you have your own space.

    As with anything in life, online stores will take plenty of work on your part to slowly build up sales. Just remember to keep wearing your collections when you go out and promote yourself as often as you can!

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