Text Based Jewelry Business Card

The text based jewelry business card is, um, text based.  Think of an elegant Victorian calling card as opposed to the ones carried by used car salesmen.

  • The beauty of this design is that it communicates to your clients who you are and how to get in contact with you in the simplest and most elegant manner. They generally have a person’s name, and phone number, although you may (and should) include a hint about what you do so people can remember why the heck they have your card.

  • elegant text based jewelry business card

    If you look at Emily's card above, you'll see that she cleverly integrates her profession as a designer into her website address.

    That's all the information you need.

    No bells, whistles, or a kitchen sink!

    There is a little bit of decoration in the form of a vintage flower graphic.

    If you look at an old calling card or a letterpress calling card, you'll see the use of simple, discreet graphics. Just remember to keep it simple and in line with your branding efforts.

Color Accents for Your Jewelry Business Card

  • Our next example is one that features color!

    Since the design is so simple, you can take advantage of using some great colors, so don't be afraid to experiment and come up bold choices!

    text based jewelry business card for silversmith

  • Design Considerations

    Because this design is so simple, you must consider each descision you make:

    • Fonts: Fonts can say so much about your handcrafted business. Emily's font is called "pan roman" and has a nice vintage flair to it without getting too floofy. The font used for the Barkhaus card is Palatino, a nice clean font, with just enough styling to make it classic. Notice that the name is in all caps.

    • Paper: Most likely you will be using some sort of card stock. Choose the color, texture, and finish carefully. If you have these professionally printed, ask about the final clear coating they put on. Most offer gloss, satin, and matte. Some will even spot print a clear gloss on say, just the text.

    • Color: The fun part! Pick a color that complements your jewelry design style. Or, if you get them printed with a company like MOO Business Cards, you can choose to have the same design printed in many different colors.

    The best thing about the these text based jewelry business card is that they are easy enough to make at home using a software such as word and some pretty card stock that you can buy at an art store or stationer. Just make sure that you cut straight lines using a ruler and exacto knife or paper cutter.

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