Jewelry Business Cards

Jewelry business cards are one of the first investments you should make. Customers love getting them so they can keep in touch and have contact information to pass on to others that admire your handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

  • Jewelry Business Card Design

    Make sure to spend time developing your business card design.

    Well designed cards will stand out among your competitors, especially for store owners who have stacks and stacks of cards from various vendors to sort through.

    Use a graphic designer if you can afford to but if not, there are plenty of printing companies online that allow you to design your own.

    Of course, you could always try bartering some of your creations in exchange for the services of a graphic designer!

    There are three basic types of business card design templates you should consider, depending on how you want to approach your brand:

  • Photo Designs

    photo jewelry business card

    Design a business card using a Jewelry Photograph:

    They say pictures are worth a thousand words! Placing a sharp picture of a piece of jewelry that best exemplifies your brand on your business card is a great way for customers to remember your work.

    And don’t worry about trying to fit an entire jewelry piece on the card. Many times, a detailed photograph works better than cramming everything in.

    Graphic Designs

    jewellery business cards

    Graphic Based Creative Business Cards:

    Consider this option if you have a more subtle branding message, or if you have a strong logo you would like to feature.

    Text Designs

    graphic jewelry business cards

    Text Based Jewelry Business Card:

    This is a great card option for those of you taking the “timeless & classic” branding approach.

    Subtle details matter very much in this card design, so choose carefully.

    jewellery business card

  • Should I put information on the back as well?

    That would depend on the design you choose. The text based cards probably can’t handle a back side, as the whole point of choosing this design is it’s simplicity in brevity.

    The design of photo and graphic based cards easily lend themselves to having a printed backside. You may choose to divide your essential information between the front and back (your jewelry business name should at least appear on the front).

    Or you could choose to have your essential information in the front and put a little something extra on the back side such as card Tweets….

    Tweeting on the Back of Your Business Card

    Taking inspiration from the 140 character format of twitter, your jewelry business cards can feature little messages on the back of your card.

    Here are some ideas for your business card “tweets:”

    • Include a little tagline or slogan about your company, think of it as a very concise distillation of your artist statement.

    • A favorite quote that has meaning for your brand.

    • Care instructions for your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Add value to your customers' purchases by giving them tips on product care.

    • A customer rewards program, such as a free gift after $100 in cumulative purchases.

    • A viral marketing tool for your Etsy store, say, free shipping or gift wrapping on the next purchase of $50 or more. You may want to leave an empty space so you can include an expiration date and “Coupon Code” that customers can enter when they place an order. That way you can keep changing the code each month.

    • Instead of words, how about using a bold print or a solid contrasting color for the back of your jewellery business cards? Think about business jackets with a hot pink lining, or your favorite pair of Louboutins with the red lacquered soles…delicious little details that will leave your customers smiling!
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