What to Do with Jewelry Business Opportunity

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  • Whoever said Opportunity knocks but once was a total Liar!

    Jewelry Business Opportunity is constantly knocking, sometimes pounding, screaming to be let in at your door, at your windows, in your dreams, at the mall, basically everywhere you go.

    Part of learning to identify opportunity is also to learn which ones you shouldn't take.

    In graduate school, a teacher once told our class that he had realized early in his career that his life successes weren't going to be determined by taking on all the opportunity that came his way.

    His success was going to be determined by the opportunities he didn't take.

  • A Learning Process

    When I first started my company, I tried out every opportunity I could get my hands on: craft shows, artisan markets, selling on ebay, craft malls, farmers markets, selling to stores, and school benefits. If there was a chance I could make money, I tried it.

    About a year into it I began to realize that not all opportunity are the best for my company. Some local craft fairs attracted the wrong set of clients for my business, and I noticed I did better in juried craft shows as opposed to open craft shows.

    My handmade designs got lost on Ebay, but I also discovered it was a great place to buy beads and display supplies My craft mall experience was an abysmal failure, but during the last month of my contract, I made my money back selling beading kits.;

    And the organic farmers’ market?; They had an artisan market built into the venue and although I initially bombed, I eventually realized that organic farmers’ markets attracted an upper scale clientele, and when I adjusted my designs to this market, my sales shot up.

  • Opportunity is Everywhere

    The Universe it seems, is filled with opportunity! Sometimes you can see it right away, but a lot of the time we are so worried about doing things our way that we forget to look up once in a while to see if there are other ways to do things.

    So the next time you realize you missed out on a certain fashion trend or a special deal from a supplier, don’t worry! At least you have enough life experience to know that you missed the great Muse. And maybe next time she comes around with the next opportunity, you’ll know enough to see her for what she really is and make the right choice for your company.

  • A Thousand Times No!

    Art historian Bahia Shehab explores the power of "No" in art & life.

    Artistic opportunities abound everywhere, and have limitless potential in touching lives.

    “You can crush the flowers, but you can’t delay spring."   ~Pablo Neruda
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