Jewelry Display Ideas

With so many jewelry display ideas and options, the question quickly becomes which ideas are most effective in communicating your brand to potential customers.

  • And depending on what you are going to use the display for, a home party, a craft show, or photography, your choices can range from store bought displays to found objects or anything in between.

    I know it can be rough in terms of finances when first starting out, but keep in mind that you want to present yourself to the public in the most professional looking manner.

    "I would recommend using a bit of both DIY and Purchased items, as going completly the DIY route will cost you time (which is money), and going with completely store bought items makes your set up look generic. "   ~Oran

    Experiment and see what is best for you in terms of time and money.

    If you do outdoor shows, or plan to, make sure the display pieces you choose are either heavy enough to withstand toppling, or there are ways to secure them to your tables and booth.

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Basic Jewelry Display Ideas

  • jewelry display case


    Display Cases are great for showcasing your extra special designs, and to give your work a high end feel.  Read about the different types available, and which display cases are right for your business.

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    Craft Shows

    In our Tips for Craft Show Displays article, we talk about ways to make the best use of the limited space you are given at a craft show.

  • craft show jewelry display

    Booth Tips

    In the article Craft Show Display Tips, we talk about prepping jewelry for your craft show tent and ways to ensure your setup goes smoothly.

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