Jewelry Hang Tags

Jewelry hang tags are not only used to price your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, but to brand your business, as well as provide information on the care of your handmade jewelry.

  • Jewelry Hang Tags for Stores

    If you sell to stores, be careful about including contact information such as your website address on your hangtag. Some stores are very touchy about the potential risk of losing present and future sales to your website and will cut off all hang tags that display contact information.

    Information you might include on hangtags for stores:

    • Your logo.
    • Stone and material information and care instructions.
    • Info about the particular style of jewelry.
    • Info about your company or a blurb from your artist statement

DIY Hang Tag Ideas

  • Budget Friendly Jewelry Hang Tags

    A more affordable route is to just design a few simple hang tag that either present your company name or logo on the front, and a little blurb on the back. A good size for a hangtag is about 1 inch by 3 or 3.5 inches. Or, if your brand is more wabi-sabi in feel, you could try something like the hangtag to the left.

    Simple Instructions

    Lay out your hangtags in a program such as word, and print them out from your printer, using some interesting cardstock paper that fits with your brand. You should be able to print out 20 hang tags per sheet of paper.

    Then all you have to do is cut them out using a paper cutter or e-xacto knife and ruler. I wouldn’t recommend scissors, as you want the cuts to be as straight and clean as possible.

    For some extra design flair, you can brush a little bit of paint on the edges to highlight your jewelry hang tags.

    Smaller hole punches are readily available at craft supply stores, I find the 1/16 inch round punches work the best.

    For string, I personally prefer DMC embroidery floss, as they’re cheap and available in a gazillion colors to complement your handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

  • Business Cards as Hangtags

    While an entire business card is way too big to be a hang tag (I’ve made this silly mistake, so don’t try it!), you can cut one in half length or width-wise for a perfectly sized hang tag.

    To do this, design your hang tags onto business cards, fitting two hang tags per business card, and cut them in half as you need them. Make sure you leave enough space between hang tags so there is no important information cut off if the cards aren’t printed perfectly center. Cut the cards to size using a 1/16” hole punch or an e-xacto knife and ruler. Attach it to any item using your favorite string or ribbon. For bit of a vintage touch, use some paper punches like the tag above to scallop one of the edges.

    Or, you can order MiniCards from moo, they are the perfect size for hang tags, all you have to do is punch a hole and tie a pretty ribbon and you’re done! Moo is great in that they will let you print a variety of designs with each order, so you can have a selection of various designs and sizes for your business.

  • Custom Stamps for Hang Tags

    One small investment I made in my jewelry business that has paid for itself hundreds of times over is the purchase of a custom self inking stamp.

    You can order them online with your business name, contact info such as phone, email, and address, and sometimes your logo or monogram.

    For under $20, it gives you the look of custom printed hangtags, plus you can stamp it on a variety of materials to suit your different collections. I've used mine on paper, cardstock, cardboard, chipboard, illustration board, watercolor paper, canvas, and wood. Each material produces a different feel, so experiment and see what works best for your brand.

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