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Geode Slice & Lemon Quartz Lariat

  • Jewelry making necklace instructions for making this easy sterling silver lariat necklace. Using simple pendant jewelry making and charm jewelry making techniques, you can make this classy necklace in minutes!

    The lariat necklace features a geode slice, which you can usually find in rock and gem stores, museum shops, or online.

    In this design, we pair the geode slice with a lemon quartz briolette, but in your version you may choose to match the two dangle pendants, or do a mismatched pair like we did.

    We also used a sterling silver chain in the design, but feel free to use your favorite metal and matching wire, or even string or leather if you prefer.

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Jewelry Making Tools & Materials

  • The jewelry making materials used in this lariat necklace are:

    • 1 geode slice pendant
    • 1 lemon quartz briollete
    • 6 inch piece of 24 gauge sterling silver round wire
    • 4 inch piece of 24 gauge sterling silver round wire
    • 1 each Bali silver bead cap, 11mm & 6mm
    • 1 sterling silver ball, 3mm
    • 1 Bali silver flower spacer, 4mm
    • 34 inches sterling silver chain, in this tutorial I used a 2mm double rope, but you can choose any type of dainty chain.
    “When working with metals such as sterling silver, I highly recommend using a polishing cloth such as "sunshine polishing cloth" to clean your chain and components before and after making your necklace."   ~Oran
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Necklace Making Instructions

  • Jewelry Making Necklace Lariat 1

    Clean the Sterling Silver Chain

    Using a polishing cloth, form a taco in one hand and pull your chain through the polishing cloth several times.

    Cleaning your chain first will make it easier to do a final polish once your jewelry making necklace tutorial is complete.

  • Jewelry Making Necklace Lariat 2

    Attaching the Geode Slice

    Take your 6 inch wire and begin by making a small loop with your round nose pliers, then slipping one end of your chain through.

  • Jewelry Making Necklace Lariat 3

    Wrapping the First Loop

    Using your chain nose pliers, grasp the loop you just formed and start wrapping the wire, about three turns should do.

    Trim the excess wire, and using your chain nosed pliers, gently blend the cut end of the wire into the main wire, making it as smooth as possible. Remember to put your safety goggles on when trimming!

  • Jewelry Making Necklace Lariat 1

    Wire Wrapping the Geode

    Pass the loose end of the wire under your geode slice and start wrapping around the geode several times as shown.

    Make sure you wrap the to the left and right of the loop.

  • Jewelry Making Necklace Lariat 1

    Finishing the Geode Pendant

    Once you are done wire wrapping the geode, take the leftover wire and wrap it around the base of your first loop.

    Trim excess with your cutters, and, using your chain noise pliers, blend into the core wire.

  • Jewelry Making Necklace Lariat 1

    Lemon Quartz Charm Making

    Take the 4 inch sterling silver wire and pass it through your briolette.

    You should leave about 1 inch of wire to work with. Wrap this extra inch around the main wire 2 or three times.

    Trim, and blend with chain nose pliers.

  • Jewelry Making Necklace Lariat 1

    Mounting Gemstone

    To create the illusion of a mounted gemstone, I've stacked a number of bead caps as shown.

  • Jewelry Making Necklace Lariat 1

    Finishing the Lariat Necklace

    Using your chain nose pliers, make a 90 degree bend about 1/8 inch above the spacer.

    Use your round nose pliers to form a small loop, attach the remaining end of your chain, then wrap the excess wire to finish your charm pendant.

    Trim and blend as needed.

    Pricing Jewelry

  • Fantastic! You've now completed the jewelry making necklace instructions and are ready to figure out your pricing formulas. Have fun making your own versions of the lariat necklace!

    To wear this necklace: fold the necklace in half. Adjust the lariat necklace making the pendants stagger, then pass the pendants through the loop you just made when folding the necklace in half.

    Cost of Materials

    The cost of materials are as follows:

    • 10 inches of 24 gauge sterling silver wire @ $.13 per inch = $1.30
    • 34 inches of double sterling rope chain @ $.24/inch = $8.16
    • Geode Slice: $2.00
    • Lemon Quartz Briolette: $3.00
    • 10mm Bali silver beadcap: $2.50
    • 6mm Bali silver bead cap: $.80
    • 3mm sterling ball: $.13
    • 4mm Bali silver flower spacer: $.24
    Total cost of Materials: $18.30

    Cost of Labor or Build Time

    Labor: 5 minutes @ $1 per minute = $5.00

    Toal Labor: $5.00

  • Wholesale Pricing Formula

    So using the wholesale pricing formula of:

    1.15 X (Materials + Build Time + EDF + GP) + Profit  

    Wholesale Price =1.15 X ($18.30 + $5.00 + 0 + 0) + Profit

    We are not charging emotional distress fee (EDF) or GP (Genius Pay) on this piece as it is a production piece and you can easily knock out ten of these every hour, with a ten minute break.

    Since this is a production type of necklace, we'll be adding a profit margin of $5

    Wholesale price =: 1.15 X ($23.30) + $5.oo = $31.80

    We'll round that off to $32.00.

    Retail Pricing Formula

    Using the retail pricing formula, we get to the interesting part!

    Most retailers will sell this necklace for: $70-$80.

    Higher end retailers will sell for: $128-$160.

    Jewelry Making Necklace Tips

    If you find that the local market in which you sell can't support these retail prices, you may consider reducing the cost of materials when making this lariat necklace.

    For instance, you can get a smaller, less fancy sterling silver chain, or use a base metal chain to reduce costs. You could even use string when making this necklace, but keep in mind that you will probably spend the same amount of time making this necklace, so it is up to you to decide which jewelry making necklace ideas will work best for your jewelry business.

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