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Jewelry packaging is a great chance to make a lasting brand impression with your customers.

  • Take care of this one last detail to leave a lasting impression on the quality and care in which you do business.

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  • Congratulations, You Saved 50 Cents

    I’ve lost count of the number of designers I’ve seen that throw their work in clear zip lock bags thinking they just saved themselves 50 cents.

    Fifty cents is what it would have cost them for a gift box, some ribbon and a business card. Maybe even a bag to carry it in as well.

    The cost of packaging should be factored into your retail price. Add an extra dollar to the price tag if you have to, but take care of this one last detail, and the customers will always come back.

  • How Many Bracelets Does a Girl Need?

    Many years ago, during a particularly crazy period in jewelry history, there was a time when people wore piles of stretch bracelets.  It started with those “power bracelets” and then just exploded into stretchy crystal bracelets, and glass stretchy bracelets, basically anything you could string with a stretch sold. By the ton.

    I came up with this idea to package my bracelets in petri dishes. They were the perfect size for storing multiple bracelets, and they were cheap by the case of 500.

    Next thing I knew, people were buying the bracelets just to get more petri dishes! My customers loved them because you could see your entire collection of baubles without making a mess on your dresser. And because they were modular, you could stack them up in neat piles.

  • Think Different

    Jewelry packaging doesn’t always have to be about empty gift boxes, or gift bags, which are fine to do if it fits with your jewelry brand.

    You can also add an extra sparkle of creativity to customer’s purchases with some custom packaging.

    Many times, the best packaging for your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can be found in the most common of places.

    Just look out for shapes that can easily accomodate your line.

    Perhaps your line would look great in packaging normally used for cosmetics and food such as sliding lip balm boxes or lotion tins.

    You may also want to investigate candy packaging as gourmet candies are usually presented in small boxes and bags, which should be the perfect size for your handcrafted collection.

    Whatever you choose to do when it comes to packaging , make sure it’s well thought out. Your customers will remember you for it.

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