Jewelry Styling

  • Your approach to jewelry styling for photographs will depend on where you intend to use your photograph.

    Find out what types of photographs work best for online sales at places like Etsy, Artfire, and ebay; and what might work better for applying to juried shows.

Jewelry Styling for Online Selling

If part of your business plan involves selling online, here are some photography styling tips for “getting the click” from your photographs:

    • For online venues such as, DaWanda, and, the photographic style that tends to get the most attention are the ones that are artfully styled with carefully chosen props and or backgrounds. The pictures tend to be simple in nature, but dramatic in terms of product focus. Go back to your artist statement and see if you can come up with a style that you can translate into photographs featuring your collections.

    • Success in any of these online venues involves standing out from the hordes of other designers. Your first point of contact with potential customers is usually your feature photo, so make sure whichever photograph you choose has the most impact, in preview and full size.

    • Sometimes detailed close-up shots work well for the preview shot. Close-ups are great for creating drama and generating curiosity.
    • Make sure you find out if your chosen venue crops your picture when creating the preview image. Learn what that cropping does in reducing the size of your photograph so you can plan how to compose your pictures on camera.

    • Your first shot may be a detailed shot, but you should also include a simple full picture of the piece as well. If it’s a really long necklace, you may want to try swirling the necklace a little when you take the full shot.

    • When in doubt, keep it simple but not bland. Maybe choose one interesting piece of paper as opposed to a teacup and rose, and vintage doilies to showcase a pearl necklace. If you look around these sites, there are definitely over styled photographs, where the item you are trying to sell gets lost in all the propping.

Styling for Juried and Wholesale Shows and Catalogues.

  • In this case I would definitely go to the show promoter's website and try to find pictures of accepted designers in your category to see if there is a style of photography they prefer to see.

    It’s going to vary, although the prevailing style tends to be shot on either a glossy surface that reflects your work or on graduated backgrounds, with or without a reflection (you photograph the jewelry on a sheet of glass or acrylic, with a graduated background behind the glass for these shots).

    If you can’t find pictures on their websites, try looking for the designers listed in their exhibitors section and run a few names through Google.  You might be able to get an idea of the photos they used from their websites.

    Jewelry styling for juried shows tends to be very clean and simple, but if you feel really strongly about styling your shoot a certain way to reflect your brand, by all means, go with your gut.

    Many wholesale buyers and catalogues prefer seeing your jewelry photographed on a simple white background so that they can easily see colors and textures.

More Jewelry Photography Tips

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