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Dollar Store Makeover Necklace

  • Making Bead Necklaces with treasures from the dollar store!

    Watch as we transform the not so exciting things from a dollar store into a necklace you can easily make and sell!

    This tutorial uses easy techniques found on the making bead jewelry page and pendants for jewelry making page.

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  • Making Bead Necklaces Ideas

    So yes, I did live for a few years in a rather skeezy neighborhood (sketchy + sleazy). But I have to say, one of the few exciting things about living in Bushwick were all the dollar stores on every corner.

    Occasionally, I would find a little treasure that, with a little love and attention, could be transformed into something fabulous! Take for instance, this capiz shell pendant. It was a lovely iridescent shade of gold with reddish pink flowers and a butterfly print. The only thing wrong with it was that it was tied haphazardly with vinyl string to make a skeezy necklace. Perfect for the neighborhood, but not quite for my customers!

    So I bought a few, took it home, and tried a few ideas. This version incorporates making bead necklaces with the pendant, and I think the result enhances the pendant's bohemian flair.

  • Jewelry Making Ideas

    For this necklace, I chose to amplify the vibrant gold with the use of some bright blue pineapple husk yarn and lime green top drilled potato pearls.

    There are two smaller faceted accents of amethyst followed by small tiger eye beads that provide a soft chatoyancy. The necklace is finished off with a 18K gold vermeil "S" hook clasp.

    Vermeil, in case you wonder, is the process of plating gold over sterling usually 18K or 22K gold. It gives an expensive finish to the piece without costing you your left kidney.

Jewelry Making Supplies

  • The jewelry making materials used in this necklace are:

    • 1/2 strand 4 X 7 mm top drilled potato pearls: $3.00
    • 1/2 strand 3mm round tiger eye bead: $3.00
    • 2 4mm faceted amethyst bead: $.30
    • 2 3mm sterling silver balls: $.45
    • 2 6mm Bali bead caps: $1.60
    • 1 S hook clasp in 22K vermeil: $8.00
    • 20 inches 49 strand .014mm stringing wire: $1.00
    • 2 2 X 2mm gold filled crimp beads:$.40

    You will need chain nose pliers, and crimping tool for making this necklaces.

Making Bead Necklaces Instructions

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    Attaching the Pendant

    This is a variation on the pendants for jewelry making tutorial.

    Loop the pineapple yarn twice through the pendant and pass the stringing wire through, centering it with the pendant.

  • Making Bead Necklaces 2

    Knotting the Pendant

    Tie your first knot on top, then tie a second knot a little closer to you.

    Before trimming, add a small dab of clear nail polish to set the knot and let dry.

  • Making Bead Necklaces 3

    Adding Pearls

    Begin by stringing about 3-1/2 inches of the top drilled potato pearls on either side.

    Top drilled pearls tend to "fringe" out, so make sure this happens by pushing them closely together.

  • Making Bead Necklaces 4

    Accent and Bead

    Add the accent amethyst bead, then start stringing the tiger eye beads.

    You're almost done!

  • Making Bead Necklaces 5

    Vermeil S Hook

    Before attaching your vermeil S hook clasp, lay out your necklace in a circular shape so that the beads have room to move when you put on the necklace.

    Jewelry Business Profits

  • Making bead necklaces is fun, isn't it? OK, lets take a look at figuring out prices for handmade jewelry.

    It's a two step process: wholesale price, THEN retail price.

    Cost of Materials

    Total cost of Pearl Jewelry Making Materials: $17.75

    Build Time

    8 minutes @ $1 per minute = $8.00

    Total Labor: $8.00

    Profit: We'll take a $6.00 profit on this necklace.

    Wholesale Pricing Formula

    So using the wholesale pricing formula:

    1.15 X (Materials + Build Time + EDF + GP) + Profit

    Wholesale Price =1.15 X ($17.75 + $8.00 + 0 + 0) + $6.00

    I'm setting the profit for making this beaded necklace at $6.00.

    Wholesale price =$ 29.61 + $6.oo = $35.61

    Rounding up, our wholesale price is $36.00

  • Retail Pricing Formula

    From store to store, retail pricing vary, but here are examples of price ranges

    At retail, this bead necklace would go for: $79-$90.00

    Refining your Retail Price

    I'm thinking that making bead necklaces with 22K vermeil clasps might be a mistake.

    It seriously sent the wholesale and retail price points over the top, and I'm not too sure the market would support this necklace at this price...

    So if I had to do it again, I might make the following changes to make my price points more appealing:

    • Use a gold plated or gold toned pewter clasp.
    • Replace the tiger eye with seed bead.
    • Although I love the lime pearls, I might also change them out for some Czech pressed glass teardrop bead. I'm rather attached to the fringing affect on this necklace, so that seems like a good compromise.

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