Necklace Display Stands

Necklace display stands, or jewelry display forms, as they are sometimes called, come in many forms.

These displays are an abstraction of a woman’s neck and shoulder area, and are designed to simulate jewelry being worn.

Choose wisely on these, as the cheapest options tend break pretty quickly.

  • Budget Necklace Display

    Budget displays are great for starting out, as they will give you some idea of the types of displays you will need. Because of their price though, they tend to not last as long.

    These budget displays are usually made of cardboard covered in velvet, they are flat with an easel on the back and are sometimes in the shape of necklace busts, or jewelry display forms, only flat. There usually is no way to secure the necklace on the back.

    Another version of these flat displays are larger velvet pads with snaps. They usually come with about a dozen straps that you can snap a necklace in place.

  • One important thing to consider is wind. If you are doing many outdoor craft shows, you may want to opt for heavier displays, as these tend to blow over pretty easily.

    “Having too many cheap jewelry displays filling your booth won’t necessarily help with sales. In my opinion, it’s better to have a few nice display stands than to have many cheap looking displays that bring down the quality of your work."   ~Oran

Jewelry Display Forms

  • jewelry-display-forms
  • Also sometimes called necklace busts or jewelry busts, these are made out of wood, cardboard, and a covering material such as faux leather, velvet, or linen. They are three dimensional in form.

    For a great display, you only need a few to showcase your best (and often most expensive) necklaces. The rest you can display flat on pads, or necklace racks.

    I sometimes see booths filled with these things and I always feel it disorients customers rather than focusing their energies on your signature designs.

“Visually lead your customers' train of thought by showcasing a few great pieces rather than overwhelming them with too many things to look at."   ~Oran

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