DIY Necklace Display Using Found Objects

A necklace display can take on quite a personality when using found objects as the foundation for your display design.

Look at your artist statement and think of your jewelry brand. Is there an inanimate object that comes to mind that you could use to display a necklace?

  • It could be anything really. For a natural feel, you could look for a rope covered vase with a narrow neck where you could display a showpiece necklace on. Or maybe it’s a slab of slate that you drape a necklace over.

Found Object Display Ideas

  • Make an Adventure Out of It!

    One designer I know makes mixed media pendants and pins out of found objects: old buttons, pins, doll parts, cards, stamps, etc.

    She then strings each one with a simple satin cord and displays it on a jewelry card.

    These cards are then arranged in neat rows in vintage suitcases.

    Her customers loved this!

    The experience was like going through an attic and opening old trunks to discover the coolest treasures that you could wear. Needless to say, she always had a crowd around her booth.

  • Jewelry Tree Stand

    One display item that has always been in my bag of tricks is the use of a miniature tree. Basically it’s a potted branch. I prefer using Manzanita branches, but they can be a bit brittle.

    Display companies have caught on to this attractive necklace display idea and now offer them in a broad range of metal configurations. This display looks great during the holidays to showcase quick gift items. I also like to group sets together using ribbon and tying a bow for an extra festive feel.

    Try it and you'll find that customers can't stop browsing your little tree!

“Simplicity works'll only need a few special pieces to make your displays pop.
Don't go too overboard or you'll find yourself needing a moving van to get to your next craft show!"

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