Choosing a Necklace Rack

  • necklace rack

    A Necklace Rack is a simple jewelry display that allows you to hang multiple necklaces on.

    These racks are good for displaying multiples of a jewelry design or presenting a collection with variations.

    They can be made of a combination of wood, metal, and cardboard and are sometimes faced with faux leather, linen, or velvet.

    “Necklace Racks are versatile displays as you can show off complimentary bracelets and earrings along with your necklace designs."

Necklace Rack Ideas

  • T Bar Necklace Displays

    T Bar displays are in the shape of a T and are high enough so necklaces don’t touch the table they are displayed on. These tend to be the least expensive of the racks. Some come with multiple bars so that you can display both necklaces and bracelets.

    They can also make your work look cheap if you crowd too many necklaces on at once, so use your judgment when using these.

    T Bars also tend to get top heavy because they are made of lightweight materials, you should be careful about loading on too many heavy necklaces at once, or figure out a way to clamp the display to a table.

  • Metal Displays

    The Metal necklace display rack is usually made of iron or some sort of heavy metal and come in many options.

    Scrollwork can look especially nice with displays made out of metal, and your necklaces, bracelets, and earring can be displayed in many different ways. These can be very visually stimulating, especially if you stagger a few necklaces in different lengths.

    Another variation to consider are the vintage style revolving displays, which are great for showing off pendants on chains.

  • Tree Displays

    Other variations are tree type structures, similiar to T bars, but with branches instead of arms. The advantage with this display is that it has a really organic feel to it that allows you to display bracelets and earrings as well.

    With tree displays you can create stunning bracelet displays as well.

    One thing I've done is group sets of bracelets together, tied them off with some ribbon and a bow, and sold them as sets. It looks gorgeous, especially during the Holidays!

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