New Jewelry Trends vs. Being Yourself

  • Is it possible to be true to yourself and remain current with the season's fashion and accesory trends? Do you even have to keep up with trends?

    The short answer is not really. I mean, keep an eye on new jewelry trends, but unless your core market is new jewelry trends obsessed, I would focus on being yourself and what that means when designing your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings rather than trying to do everything you see on TV and in magazines.

    Following new jewelry trends can be very lucrative, if you catch the trend in time, and at the specific location you are in. However, what might be trending in NYC is probably not relevant to someone in Wichita, Kansas.

    And the flip side of following accessory trends is that when you are wrong, you're actually tragically wrong and can be stuck with a lot of dead inventory you can't even give away.

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    What I’ve noticed in my own home business is that, except for two specific occasions, I don’t really do well with trends. In fact I would say I suck at it.

    What’s really worked for me over the years is actually staying consistently true to how I design, and how I see things, and how that translates into me designing and making necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

    Whenever I strayed from what I believed in and tried to design based on what I though was trending, it usually backfired.

    "Trends start from being and freely expressing yourself. People are attracted to this confidence and want to have a piece of that in their own lives."   ~Oran

    Basically, what’s worked the best for me, is just being myself.

    And over the course of these years I noticed another thing about trends and fashion, and you can see for yourself how this crazy fashion cycle works in the diagram above.

  • New Jewelry Trends Cycles

    Hmmm. Interesting isn’t it? Now, having said all this, I would say you should still watch the trends, but just keep an eye on it from the sidelines, and if something comes up that works with your business, then of course, try to incorporate it a little into your work.

    But don’t kill yourself and make your handcrafted designs and your company into something it isn’t. And don’t worry too much about being trendy, cuz you’ll only be trendy for a month or two and then you have to reinvent yourself over and over and over again. Instead, follow your own heart, look back at your artist statement, and your business plan, and choose the path that is right for you.

Success for Artisanal Designers comes when you realize that you do have a unique voice, and that voice translates into designs that generate a loyal following for many years.   ~Oran

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