Pearl Jewelry Making

Square Coin Pearl & Bali Silver Beads Necklace

  • Try these easy jewelry making ideas for making this classy square coin pearl necklace! The simple jewelry making techniques used in making this necklace are from the making bead jewelry page.

    Pearl Jewelry Making

    Ah yes, pearls.

    I so used to not want anything to do with them!

    Having a rather closed mind in regards to pearl jewelry making at a younger age put me at a bit of a disadvantage in the marketplace. It took my mother (who also is a jewelry designer herself, specializing in the fine variety) and her hard headed insistence that I include them in my collection.

    Actually what she did was send me a shoe box stuffed with all shapes, types, and sizes of pearls to convince me that I was missing out on a rather large and hungry crowd of buyers...

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  • Discovering Pearl Jewelry Making

    So the first lesson I learned (thanks mom!) was this: pearls come in all shapes and sizes, not just the round type, but off round, oval, button, stick shapes (sometimes mistakenly called Biwa pearls) and coin shapes.

    What's most interesting is that the pearl farming technology has advanced so much that they can now insert almost any shape into a mollusk and grow all sorts of fancy coin pearl shapes: square, rectangle, cross, tear drop, and heart shaped pearls.

    The pearl also comes in a myriad of colors: white, beige, pink, peach, all the way to greens, blues, and purples.

    There is really no such thing as a black pearl though, as black pearls tend to be a combination of green, blue, and purple.

    Pearls however, can be dyed to any color imaginable, though you should take care to not go swimming or engage in any activities that produces excessive sweat when wearing dyed pearls. Dyed pearls should also be stored out of direct sunlight.

  • Making Money Selling Jewelry

    The second thing I discovered was that I could make money selling pearls!

    I gave my pearl jewelry making designs a modern twist, mixing shapes and textures with gemstones and Bali silver to create my designs.

    And my customer base responded very positively by buying all the pearl jewelry that I made!

Tools & Materials

  • The pearl jewelry making materials used in this necklace are:

    • 3/4 strand 10mm square coin pearls: $15.00
    • 31 2 X 4mm double flower Bali silver spacers: $14.88
    • 2 3mm sterling silver balls: $.45
    • 2 6mm Bali bead caps: $1.60
    • 1 sterling silver leaf clasp: $8.00
    • 20 inches 49 strand .014mm stringing wire: $1.00
    • 2 2 X 2mm crimp beads:$.28

    Tools for making this pearl necklace: chain nosed pliers, and crimping tool.

Pearl Jewelry Making Instructions

  • pearl Jewelry Making 1

    Attaching the Leaf Clasp

    Since this is a really simple jewelry making with beads project, we begin by attaching the clasp to the beading wire first.

    Using your crimping pliers, make sure the stringing wire is evenly spaced, then gently squeeze to the crimp to produce your first press.

  • pearl Jewelry Making 2

    Finishing with Crimping Pliers

    Place the crimp into the upper section and give your crimpling pliers a gentle squeeze to fold the crimp in half.

  • pearl Jewelry Making 3

    Finishing the Crimp

    Taking your chain nose pliers, gently squeeze the crimp into it's final shape.

    Trim the extra wire with wire cutters or nail clippers.

  • pearl Jewelry Making 4

    Pearl Stringing Party!

    Transition out of the crimp with a 3mm ball and a 6mm Bali bead cap. Then start your Pearl stringing party!

    Isn't pearl jewelry making so much fun? And it's easy isn't it?

  • pearl Jewelry Making 5

    Finishing your Necklace

    As you near the finish length of your necklace, finish the strand off with a 6mm Bali bead cap and a 3mm ball, then crimp the stringing wire to the other end of the clasp.

    Profitable Jewelry Pricing

  • Pearl Jewelry Making is so easy, isn't it? Now, take a look at how we figure out the different prices for handmade jewelry.

    We'll be approaching this in two steps: wholesale price, THEN retail price.

    Cost of Materials

    Total cost of Pearl Jewelry Making Materials: $41.21

    Cost of Labor or Build Time

    Labor: 8 minutes @ $1 per minute = $8.00

    Total Labor: $8.00

    Wholesale Pricing Formula

    So using the wholesale pricing formula:

    1.15 X (Materials + Build Time + EDF + GP) + Profit  

    Wholesale Price =1.15 X ($41.21 + $8.00 + 0 + 0) + $6.00

    I'm setting the profit for making this beaded necklace at $6.00.

    Wholesale price =: 47.39 + $6.oo = $53.39

    Rounding down, our wholesale price is $53.00

  • Retail Pricing Formula

    As retail prices will vary from store to store, here are two examples of price ranges you'll likely encounter:

    At retail, this coin pearl necklace would go for: $116-$132.00

    Higher end retailers will sell for: $212-$265.00

    Finding the Perfect Price Point

    Locally, you may not be able to retail this necklace at $116.00, but here are some tips for reducing the cost of this necklace so that you can profitably sell pearl jewelry.

    • Instead of using the double flower Bali spacers, use a cast pewter version instead to achieve the same look.
    • Or use a cheaper stone spacer such as hematite, blackstone, or smaller potato pearls.
    • Us a less expensive clasp, try spring ring clasps or make your own from wire.

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