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  • Looking for some helpful photographing jewelry tips? Welcome to the interactive jewelry photo page, where you can submit up to four images you need help with!

    So if you are a little frustrated with how your photographs are turning out.

    Or if you are looking for tips on improving your pictures, read through the basics below, take a few shots based on what you learned, and you'll be ready to submit at the bottom of the page.

Review of Photography Basics

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    On the Jewelry Photography page, there are a number of articles that help you understand camera and lighting basics:

    • Depth of field, or f-stops, are terms you'll hear often when learning to take pictures. Basically it is about the range in which the object you are trying to photograph stays in focus.
      However, when you get up close, and in particular when you use the "Macro Mode" to take photos, the depth of field diminishes, and you are left with very little space to keep your shot in focus. This amount of focus space can range from 1/8 inch to a few inches depending on your camera.

      Make sure you visit the visual examples of depth of field page to see illustrated examples of what happens.

    • Not all cameras allow you to adjust f stops to vary the depth of field, but here are some tips to help you optimize your f-stops.

    • By far, the easiest way to learn how to photograph jewelry is to use daylight. You don't have to fuss with lamps, just find the right conditions outside and bring along some simple tools.

    • If your daylight hours are limited, you can try building your own tabletop photography studio and using indoor photography lighting techniques.

    • For general picture taking tips, visit digital jewelry photo tips
  • All the photo tips in the world won't help you however, if you don't keep practicing. For example, here is another example of one of my earliest attempts at photographing my work:

    photographing jewellery tips

    At that point, I still had much to learn about lighting and making the best use of my camera.

    Fortunately, learning how to photograph jewellery is just a matter of practice once you learn the basics of how a camera works, how to set things up so that everything is well lit, and perhaps learning how to use an image correction tool such as Picasa, Photoshop, or Picnik.

    After that it's just practice!

More Photographing Jewelry Tips

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