Choosing a Professional Jewelry Photographer

  • Sometimes you have to realize that you can't do everything yourself. Hiring a Professional Jewlery Photographer, for example, is one of the things you may have to invest in to get good quality pictures that you can use to get yourself into more competitive and prestigious juried craft shows.

    Professionally shot photographs may also be used to promote your jewlery on postcards, your business cards, look books, and line sheets that you present to potential buyers.

    Visually research your target market such as show promoters, retailer's websites, and catalogues you want to get into for a sense of what style of photography you want before you start shopping for a professional jewelry photographer.

Interviewing a Professional Jewelry Photographer

When choosing a professional photographer, here are some qualifications and questions to consider:

    • Does the photographer have extensive experience shooting jewelry? Just because a person is a professional photographer doesn’t mean they know how to shoot jewelry photographs. Look at their portfolio and make sure before spending the money.

    • If you are do Lampwork beads, or fused glass jewelry, does the photographer know how to shoot glass effectively? Can they capture the essence of dichroic glass? What do the reflections on the glass look like? Make sure you aren’t seeing upside down images of the photographer or the photography studio in the glass.

    • If you work with metals such as silver jewelry or gold jewelry, does this professional photographer know how to shoot photographs for silver jewelry or gold jewelry? Are they able to manage the reflective nature of the metals properly? Again, check to see what the reflections on the metal look like.

    • If you use semiprecious stones in your jewelry, are you able to see the colors of different stone types easily, or do they blend into the background?

    • If you use precious stones or faceted gemstones in your jewelry, are they good at capturing the sparkle of faceted gemstones or the fire of an opal without making it look “cheesy?”

    • And for those of you using pearls in your handmade jewelry, is the photographer able to capture the luster and depth of quality pearls without bleaching them out with light or blending them straight into the background?

    • Does the professional photgrapher have an extensive portfolio of different types of jewelry artist work, and do they have references for you to contact?

    • What is their fee? Per picture? Per hour? Per day? Is there a package deal?

    • What are your rights in usage? Is it per show application, for website only, or do you own all rights? Are there recurring royalty fees per usage of the jewelry photographs? Do they only sell you prints? Slides? Files?

    • And of course, ask your more experienced crafter friends for recommendations.

  • Materials Test

    Look over a potential photographer's portfolio and make sure they are able to capture various types of material in one shot

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