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by Wajiha
(U.A.E Dubai)




I whould like to improve my photography !Im working in a jewellery company...soo i hv to take pictures of some new collection my boss did'nt like my photograpy becoz he want some good pictures same as jewel catalog so hope tht u'll help me in this matter.

Wajiha Hameed Sheikh

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Need more information...
by: Home Jewelry Business Guide

Hi Wajiha,

Thanks for submitting your photo.

It would be helpful to get some more information about your question:

1. What camera are you using, make and model.
2. What studio set up you are using.
3. What photo editing software you are comfortable using.

Initially, it looks like you are trying to take a photograph of fine jewelry on a white background with one single light source from the upper left side of the ring.

Normally when photographing something like this ring you would have some sort of a light tent set up with no less than three light sources: 2 minimum diffused light sources on either side, and a "sparkler" light source from the front or top to pick out the sparkle of the gemstones.

It also looks like, to me, that there a quite a few stones missing from the settings?

Please submit the extra information as requested, and I will try to send you to the right resources to help.



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