How to Sell Jewelry Online

  • To sell jewelry online has never been easier!

    Explore your options here, from auction sites to setting up your own site on popular ecommerce platforms such as Etsy, Ebay, Artfire, and Rubylane!

  • To sell or not to sell jewelry online?

    There are some issues to be worked out before you start to sell online, and that has to do with what your retail mark up is and whether or not you plan on selling to stores.

    These issues are discussed in the Pricing Handmade Jewelry for Retail Sales article.

  • Best Website to Sell Jewelry Online?

    This all depends on what store features you want and the types of customers you are after. I would recommend browsing each site to get a feel for not only the quality of work being presented, but how the interface is laid out. Is it easy for random buyers to find your handmade goods or is it so confusing or so big a venue that you quickly get lost? Another thing to look out for is what kind of support community these sites have in place, on a technical level as well as the interaction between fellow artisans. And finally, check out their traffic stats and make sure the site gets enough traffic.

    How to Increase Website Traffic to your Online Artisan Stores

    With so many people opening up online stores at these various websites, getting people to see your handcrafted work, let alone getting them to buy handmade crafts online can be difficult. Sure, it’s possible to just be randomly discovered by searching within a website such as Ebay.

    I mean, you could win the lottery jackpot as well.

    Handcrafted goods, however well made, won’t sell itself. In order for your online artisan store to succeed, you need to take matters into your own hands when it comes to driving traffic to your online craft store. See our article on How To Increase Website Traffic to Your Artisan Store. The techniques are surprisingly low tech.

  • Places to Sell Jewelry Online

    Having said that, there are a number of options you can explore in terms of selling online, each one featuring a shopping cart system as part of their services:

Photography Tips

  • selling at craft fair
  • Need some pointers on taking the best jewelry photographs for your online store? We've got tons of helpful articles, from styling photographs for various markets, to explanations of photography concepts, tips on making the best use of your camera, buying a camera, and choosing a professional photographer.

    There's even a section on interactive photography tips where you can submit questions and pictures for troubleshooting.

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