The Art of Selling Jewelry

  • Selling Jewelry seems to be pretty straight forward. You put out some necklaces up at a local craft fair, or try online at sites such as Etsy or selling crafts online at Zibbet and then someone comes in to buy it. How hard can that be?

    If you have ever tried to sell a necklace before, you probably know that it takes much more than putting out your treasures and expecting instant results.

    You actually have to work at communicating with your customers about why your work is the best there is and why they can’t live without it.

  • Selling Benefits

    What you really need to do is sell the benefits of your handmade necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

    Think about how Tiffany's Jewelers approaches selling their line of sterling silver.  We all know that sterling silver isn’t really worth that much, yet they can command hundreds of dollars for what amounts to a silver charm on a chain, like the famous tiffany heart toggle necklace, which retails for $475.

    You know there’s less than $50 worth of silver in that thing. So how is it possible that Tiffany's can charge that much money?

One of the things I've learned in my home business is that when it comes to selling jewelry, you aren't really selling the jewelry.   ~Oran

  • They sell on benefits. Over the years, Tiffany's has positioned themselves and their brand as the go to choice for simple, classic, and timeless designs that last.

    This positioning has led to the development of a fanbase that includes prominent members of society such as celebrities, world leaders, socialites, as well as everyday people who want to experience a bit of the best in their lives.

    So when you buy that Tiffany heart toggle necklace, it’s not just a charm necklace. It’s a well designed, investment piece that will last.  Forever.

    And they successfully associate that concept of forever with emotional ties such as the ideas of love, respect, and honor.

  • Sell Benefits

    So the next time you are writing copy for your Artfire store, or you are at a craft show talking to customers, think back to when your were writing an artist statement and working on your branding.

    “Don't just sell a necklace or some earrings that you stick in your ears.  Sell them on the ideas, the love, and the stories behind your home based business."   ~Oran

    Talk about some of the things that inspire you to work with your hands and the ideas behind your work. Convince them of all the things that make your line special and unique.

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    How to Wholesale Jewelry
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