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  • The formal process to start a jewelry business is pretty straight forward. The planning stages of it, however, will take some time for you to work through. Take your time in planning your future. Every company encounters changes as it grows, and the more care you put into developing your artist statement and your business plan, the better your company will be able to withstand the coming changes.

    Just keep in mind that this process takes time...and we're not talking a couple of days to figure it out.

    Some of the basics you'll have to do right away in terms of filing paperwork with various agencies, but other things such as writing your artist statement and hashing out your formal plan take time.

    Running your own company isn't just about making things and then selling them, there's planning involved, market research to be done, and strategies to be formulated and implemented. Take your time laying a strong foundation and good luck with everything!

  • Why Start a Jewelry Business?

    jewelry making with beads

    Noted seed beads artist Virginia Brubaker guest writes an inspirational article on how she came about starting a jewelry business.

    You can even read how I got to graduate school and earned a Master of Fine Arts using my home business to support me.

Let's Get Started!

  • start a jewelry business tips
  • writing an artist statement

    Writing an Artist Statement

    This is a short, 2 paragraph summary of you as an artist, your values, and why you do what you do.

    It’s the foundation for all the other things that you will be doing.

  • easy jewelry business plan

    Jewelry Business Plan

    Think of your plan as a roadmap of where you want your home business to go.

    Includes a planning worksheet to help you prep for writing the real thing.

  • branding jewelry

    Branding Jewelry

    Building off of your artist statement, and business plan, you’ll begin to explore the concept of, and developing your own company brand. Think of it as your company's persona as you approach working on this concept.

  • jewelry time management

    Time Management

    Keeping careful watch of the amount of time you spend working on specific tasks will help you establish a fair wholesale price for your work. This segment is divided into wholesale and retail sections, and explains how to track your time and use that information to come up with pricing strategies in the Pricing section of this website.

  • jewelry accounting


    An overview of the various expenses you will likely incur and have to discuss with your accountant or CPA when reporting your tax statement. Don't be afraid to consult experts in this area, the extra cost will buy you peace of mind and may even save you money in terms of deductions you didn't know about.

  • new jewelry trends

    Business Names Ideas

    Thinking of using a fictitious name for your home business? Read my (hilarious) story first before you decide what name to use for your business.

    Names should be well thought out, so make sure you run it by some friends and customers before you officially commit.

  • jewelry business license

    Getting a Business License

    What official forms do you need to start a jewelry business?

    An overview of the various legal organization structures you can choose from, and some pointers on getting a seller’s permit or resale license.

More Tips to Start a Jewelry Business

  • Business Toolkit:

    art of selling jewelry
    jewelry making
    jewellery display ideas
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