Scheduling Stress Management Activity for your Jewelry Business

  • Take care of yourself by scheduling stress management activity into your life.

    As visual artists, we rely on being able to create things, and it’s a known fact that you are at your creative best when things are at peace around you.

    So make sure you work in moments of escape in your schedule. A walk in the park, or a little gardening, or taking the dog out to the beach.

    It could be 30 minutes of tea and a favorite magazine, or 30 minutes of silent meditation, or just simply taking a hot bath. Whatever it is that allows you to unwind a little, make sure you make time for it.

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  • Cloud Spotting

    Here's a simple, easy, and FREE stress management activity you can do just about anywhere!

    It's a really wonderful exercise in observation, relaxation, and a great way to recharge your batteries.

    "Cloud spotting legitimizes doing nothing."   ~Gavin Pretor-Pinney
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    Experiencing the Extraordinary

    Once in a while though, you should treat yourself to some sort of a luxury. Luxuries being defined as something you don’t have everyday, or week, or even month. Every few months or even years, or to mark a special occasion in life.

    Sometimes the grind of running your home based business will leave you exhausted. You need little blips of joy that remind you of the really nice things that can happen in life.

    Make a point of scheduling these blips into your life.

    It could be something as simple as getting a few truffles from the local chocolatier, a pedicure/manicure, or a massage.

    But it could also be something monumental in relation to the scale of your life.

    I know a woman who, upon the occasion of her 50th birthday, bought herself a pair of red Manolo Blahniks. She was by no means a person who would normally ever spend that much on a pair of shoes, but, well, how often does a girl turn 50?

    She occasionally wears these shoes, but only in the nude, and her favorite thing to do while wearing them is to go to use the bathroom.

    While smoking cigarettes.

    Now, I may not fully understand her said bathroom ritual, but I do see the act of cleansing your body combined with wearing some expensive shoes, and the indulgence of a few cigarettes, as something that constitutes an experience out of the ordinary.

So my question to you my friends: What will your next extraordinary event be?   ~Oran
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