Measurements Used in Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies

  • When purchasing wholesale jewelry making supplies, it's handy to know what units of measure are used when purchasing in large quantities.

    Here is a list of the most commonly used units of measure.

  • wholesale jewelry making supplies

  • Bali Silver and Thai Silver

    Unit of Measure:  Gram.

    Silver beads and findings are usually sold by the strand.  Larger pendants and closures usually by the piece.

    All are sold by the gram.  Discounts for wholesale jewelry making supplies are given based on the number of KILOS (1000 grams/kilo) you buy.

    Czech Fire Polished Beads, Druks, and Pressed Glass

    Unit of Measure:  Mass, A mass is 1200 beads, usually temporarily strung.

    Czech Glass Seed Beads

    Units of measure:  Kilo.

    Ah those hanks!  When you buy by the kilo you get many hanks, depending on size of bead, each hank is then connected much like a laundry line of bead hanks.


    Units of measure:  Momme, Grains, or Carats.

    Different measurements are used depending on whether pearls are natural or farmed; freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls.

    Grade and size also affect price, and they are usually sold in "hanks,” comprised of many single strands of pearls.

  • Miyuki & Toho Seed Beads

    Units of Measure:  Kilo, Each kilo box contains four 250 gram bags.

    Semi-Precious Stone Beads & Loose Gems

    Units of measure:  Carats or Kilos.

    Beads are often grouped in hanks and sold by carat weight.  More precious stones are individually sold by carat weight.

    Sterling Silver & Gold Filled Findings

    Unit of measure:  Gram.

    The more you buy the more you save.  Quantities will depend on seller, but are usually based on units of 100, i.e. 100, 500, 1000, 10,000 units.

    Sterling Silver Stock, Gold, & Other Precious Metals

    Unit of Measure:  troy ounce or ounce

    Again, the more you buy the more you will save.  Prices will depend on the spot price, or the day’s current market price, plus a fabrication fee, depending on what you buy, such as wire, or ring stock, or sterling sheet.

    Wholesale Swarovski Crystal Beads

    Unit of Measure:  Gross.

    Wholesale Swarovski crystal beads are sold in 10 gross sleeves (1440) larger beads are sold by gross in compartmentalized boxes, and the more bigger pieces by the dozen to half gross.

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