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    Everything you need to know about wholesale jewelry supplies

    When I first started my jewelry business, the first thing I looked for was wholesale jewelry supplies. For me, buying supplies is one of the joys of running a business, and it motivates me to sell more jewelry, so then I can go shopping for more supplies!

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    The thing with buying wholesale jewelry supplies though, was trying to figure out what was wholesale and what was someone posing as a wholesaler that was actually retailing.

    I've actually gone as far as tracking down manufacturers and asking to buy direct from them, only to find out that I either could never meet their minimum order amount, or that I could never meet their minimum order quantity.

    What I've found is that buying wholesale jewelry supplies is often about strategically buying in quantities that suit your business. Your wholesale buying power will depend on where your turnover ratio is at, your cash flow situation, and how much risk you are willing to take to buy in larger quantities.

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“Wholesale isn’t always wholesale, but with experience you will learn who has the best “wholesale” prices, and, more importantly, what level of wholesale pricing you qualify for."   ~Oran
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  • Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies

    Just so you have an idea of what buying wholesale beads, metals, and findings means, here is a list of common bead types and supplies and how they are sold in terms of units of measurement. You may never have the need to buy in such quantities, but it is handy information to have when gauging what level of wholesale you are buying at.

    For your reference, here is a list of measurements used for Wholesale Jewelry Making Supplies.

    Great Beginner Wholesale Bead Catalog:

    Here is a list of reasonably priced Wholesale Bead Catalog suppliers for you to start your business with. They all have pricing tiers depending on the quantity of beads and findings that you buy and most of them have really great return policies in case you are not happy with some of the items in your order. Please note that some of these companies have minimum order requirements and require a copy of your resale number to set up an account.

  • Wholesale Bead Shows

    If you start getting really serious about finding unique beads, findings, and cut gems to use in your collection of handcrafted artisan goods, you should consider visiting some of the bead shows held in major cities across the country. Some shows are strictly retail, some are retail/wholesale depending on how much you buy from each vendor, some say they are wholesale but they are really retail, and the best ones have two separate sections.

    Always bring a copy of your resale certificate with you and a stack of business cards.

    Be sure to read my tips on How to Shop Wholesale Bead Shows.

    And also, my review of the Three Top Bead and Gem Shows.

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