Selling Jewelry at was established in 1998, and I believe they were the first to explore the concept of hosting a virtual wholesale trade show for artisans in the United States and Canada.

In the years following, they have developed marketing support programs in the form of cooperative print advertising and more recently started a West Coast trade show exclusively for handmade craft artisans.

I have personally used this site to increase my wholesale business starting in 2002.

They don’t make the sales for you and anyone who claims to do so is lying to you!

What they do is give you all the tools to succeed in this business sector, and with some luck, a well thought out line, GREAT photography, participation in the buyers’ guide and cooperative print campaigns, and plenty of hard work, you could be on your way to building a stronger wholesale component to your business!

Some of their highlights:

  • Convenient access 24 hours a day, everyday to buyers looking to purchase handmade goods for their store.

  • Fully functional shopping cart system for your storefront with up to 200 inventory items and 2 tiers of options for buyers to choose from.  The orders are emailed to you and you contact the buyer to confirm the order.

  • No commissions taken on sales.

  • Custom jury system for buyers to sort out their favorite and potential artisans.

  • In-house credit rating system reported by artisans.  Very useful when considering net 30 requests.

  • Quarterly print issues of their “Buyers Guide,”  mailed to all 16,000 of their registered buyers, and also to a qualified mailing list and distributed at major gift shows across the country.  There is a fee for placement in these guides depending on the size of the ad that you take.  I’ve mostly used the smallest ones (1/8 page) and have received good results.

  • Monthly cooperative print advertising opportunities in major trade publications such as Niche, Giftware News, Gift Shop Magazine, and New Age Retailer.  Taking an ad out in any of these publications will cost you a major body organ, but it’s much more manageable when you share space with 8-10 other artisans. does a really great job with the cooperative print layouts.

  • Lively discussion boards, “artist to artist.”  There’s always someone to help you with your page, or give you a crit, give tips on selling jewelry, or answer any questions that may come up.

  • Great customer service, either by phone or by email, they get back to you really quickly!

  • Convenient payment options, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

  • An Annual tradeshow in Las Vegas and Orlando featuring handmade artisans from the United States and Canada.  The Las Vegas show coincides with the JCK Jewelry Show, and the Orlando Show Coincides with the Museum Store Association trade show. There really is nothing like meeting buyers face to face, and this recently added component really ties’s marketing package together. The booth fee at this event also includes one year of membership at the wholesale site.


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